A New Year’s Letter to My Lightworker Friends



Dear beautiful lightworkers,


The new year is here! Blessings!


As you look ahead, surveying the landscape of your life—wishing, hoping, and dreaming—I want to encourage you today to cultivate a gentle trust inside your heart. Trust that the Universe is guiding you exactly where you need to go.


This year, when you make choices and envision possible paths, take the time to listen to your heart. Ask what it feels.


The (sometimes challenging) truth is this: The intellect is overrated. Yet, our culture tends to glorify it: tends to idealize logical pros and cons lists…tends to idolize those with academic degrees…tends to trust something only if it can be “scientifically proven.”


And yet, and yet, the intellect is just a tiny piece of the puzzle.


Glorification of the intellect is the old way: the old way of the ego’s reign of power that is slowly dying on our planet.


The new way is intuition. Trusting the gut and heart.


There is so much more to life than the single perspective. Each one of us is like a tree, each with our own beautiful story…yet communicating through roots and water with the wider forest and all of Gaia herself. Each brain is valuable and beautiful, yes—but there’s so much more!


In the year 2018, let’s celebrate the intellect as a tool, but learn to grow beyond it. With deeper meditation and more mindfulness in our daily lives, we begin to feel the subtle nuances that come with our devotion to this life of awakening, this life of healing and service to a world that is so ready for us.


We are the light. We are here to shine.


Don’t let your brain get too much in the way this year. Make decisions from a place of surrender and faith. Trust the forces bigger than you.


The words and concepts that appear in your brain may not always be the highest reality. Rather, learn to subtly perceive the deeper vibrations emanating from your heart. Watch for the synchronicities. Watch for the pure moments of serendipity, when the clouds part, and you just know.


Remember, too, that on this path of life, there are no mistakes. As my Beloved recently said, “The word ‘mistake’ is a clunky concept, massively oversimplifying.” In truth, what we do is explore. Play. Adventure our lives in a way where we sometimes crash. And it’s okay! We learn, time and time again, that to breath and reboot is an integral part of the path.


The intellect is overrated. What counts on this lightworker path is your gut. Your heart. Allow your intuition and the forces of Spirit to move through you, guiding each step to exactly the next place you need to be.


This year, in the magnificent year of 2018, may your days be more joyful than ever before.


I love you all,





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