I was led to Anya for a Reiki 3 apprenticeship for, as I see now,
a very clear purpose.

She not only taught me traditional material of the course, including meditation techniques, deeper understanding of the symbols and precepts, and connecting in Oneness,

but she also led me into a deeper unity with my
Truest Self.

Anya’s apprenticeship was an integral part in opening my own healing center so that I may continue my own exploration of Reiki while supporting and training others.

Anya continues to guide me and challenge me in her ongoing support. She is truly committed to the practice of Reiki and I feel immensely grateful to be led to her offerings.

-Halina Schriefer, Owner of Ordinary Pioneer Yoga & Healing


“I’ve tried a few other energy encounters in the past…but nothing like my session with Anya, though. This must be what Mother Earth feels like after the tectonic plates suddenly shift: the stress and discord are suddenly released and then there is balance. A calm confidence.”

—Rick Kramer, President of LyteBeam Home; Ohio, USA

16996527_10210747886705852_3068300027106264853_n (1)“Anya taught me levels one and two Reiki classes. She is a wonderful practitioner and an empowering instructor. She is a dear friend now and I continue to learn from her in all of our encounters. I highly encourage those interested to get involved with her work.”

Adam Vaughn, Yoga Teacher; Illinois, USA

I had a concussion. The pain was immense: I suffered dizziness, headaches, and sustained lacerations to my face after I fell from my bicycle. Nothing was helping to ease the pain. Dr. Anya replied to my call for help immediately—within just two hours, she scheduled a session with me. The session was a turning point in my healing process. My spirits were lifted and the lacerations started to heal! Dr. Anya helped me to discover the energy within myself, to heal myself.

—Elizabeth Stark, doctoral student in Cultural Studies; Amsterdam


“Sharing sacred space with Anya on your journey is a priceless gift you will give yourself and many others to come.”
—Rosie Montague, owner of Rosie’s Reflextions Reflexology; Ohio, USA 

“Reiki healed my blood clots. My PTSD has also greatly improved since seeing Anya. I went from being this depressed, nervous person with a feeling of no hope to recently being trained by Anya in Level One Reiki. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have Anya as a part of my life and now as a mentor.”

—Jena Hinds, Teacher; Ohio, USA

“My favorite thing about Reiki with Anya is that it’s not just about the Reiki. Her presence is simply magnetic. From the moment I am near Anya I am instantly enveloped in a feeling of absolute calm. She has a way for making people feel instantly and totally accepted, comfortable and cared for. During and after a session there is no other option than to be totally, utterly and completely relaxed regardless of the day I’ve had.”

—Rachel Eatherton, Reiki Practitioner; Georgia, USA

“Anya is a gifted energy healer. As a chronically ill person, my energetic healing mechanisms can sometimes be slow to respond, but working with Anya has brought me feelings of comfort and happiness, improved energy, and improved immunity. She finds so much joy in the practice that it’s impossible not to feel it too. Anya also attuned me to Reiki (level one), and the experience was humbling in its power, while being incredibly empowering. I continue to use it regularly in self-healing and meditation. Her drive to share this healing art makes her an excellent practitioner and teacher. It’s easy to tell that she feels completely at home—perhaps even most fully herself— transmitting the glow of Universal energy and love.”

—Carolyn D., Reiki Practitioner; Vancouver, Canada

“I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Anya on my way home after a conference. We sat in the same row in the airplane. We started talking and immediately there was a connection between us. I had the privilege of receiving a session at that time. I was in stress and my back was hurting. It was the most amazing moment. At that moment I was in peace and relaxed and, most important, the pain was gone. Her hands were soft, warm and went to the right spot in my back where it was hurting. It was amazing.”

—Adriana Paredes, entrepreneur; Florida, USA

“My sessions with Anya have been insightful, cleansing, and uplifting both due to her channeling of universal energy and her own unique energy. Her passion for helping others is magnified through her knowledge and her presence. I cannot recommend her enough! Even when my energy and my body are working through something dark or heavy, I always leave an interaction with Anya spiritually uplifted and smiling.”

—Liane Ortis, Assistant Director of Equity & Inclusion at Univ of Northern Colorado

“Anya truly understands the power of the Reiki system. She does not simply teach, but she also lives her spiritual practice everyday through her actions.”

—John Wheeler, Reiki Master at Access Your Magic; Ohio, USA

“It was a powerful experience having a session from Anya. It really reduced my stress level and gave me a peaceful sleep.”

—Shaison Ouseph, Producer of Veritas Films; India

“I did Reiki with Anya for the first time recently and it was an amazing experience for me! I felt clarity and movement that I had been waiting for for a long time.”

—Megan Sutherland, Director of The Common Good; Ohio, USA

“Anya immediately ‘tunes in’ to each individual and bonds singularly and wholly. A session with her encompasses the calming passion she has for her work, and the betterment of those whose lives she connects with.”

—Kat Stearns, Artist & Photographer; Ohio, USA

“When I became interested in learning Reiki after stumbling across it online, Anya serendipitously popped out of the ether two weeks later and has since become my Reiki instructor. She has a passion for her work, a desire for others and herself to continue to grow and heal and love, is genuine and honest, has a huge heart, and I feel at home whenever I’m around her.”

—Adam Brockett, Reiki Practitioner; Hawaii, USA

“Anya is a warm and caring person, who is centered and radiates positive energy. My sessions with Anya have always been phenomenal.”

Estee Beck, Assistant Professor of English; Texas, USA

“Anya is a gentle, happy spirit who radiates love and healing. It has been my privilege to take Reiki instruction with her, and without hesitation I can say that it has significantly changed my life. Her enthusiasm for Reiki and healing in general is infectious.”

—Chris Cook, Reiki Practitioner; Michigan, USA

“Anya is an excellent healer. During the few minutes I had the honor to receive her Reiki, it really calmed me down after an intense conversation with someone. I was able to focus on the fact that reacting angrily was only raising my blood pressure to undesirable levels.”

—Maria Sanchez, musician; Puerto Rico

“If I could describe in one word how it feels to receive spiritual guidance from Anya, it would be ‘Illumination.’ As someone who suffers from mental illness, I feel as if I have been trapped in darkness my entire life. Although I have had tremendous success with therapy and psychiatrists, something has always been missing. That something was a spiritual connection to the universe, and I feel that Anya has been my guide through my personal enlightenment. She offers a no-judgement environment that fosters a sense of acceptance and love that feels incredibly refreshing. I would say her super power is human connection and making others feel loved.

 It takes one session with her to change your life. She can reach your soul no matter where you have hidden it.”

—Kat Pike, freelance writer; Ohio, USA

“Anya is a wonderful practitioner of Reiki and a phenomenal spiritual mentor. Her acceptance for all peoples and all paths has led me to a greater understanding of myself. She’s going to go to the tough places with clients and yet show unconditional love in the process.”

Laura White, medium & spiritual guide; Michigan, USA

“Over the course of the last few months, close friends and family have repeatedly noticed differences in me. The difference between myself now and the me of just one year ago is stark. Where once I was brittle, now I am flexible. Where once I was timid and afraid, now I am confident and resolved. And, where I was once full of dread each morning for what the day might bring, I am now filled with a zest for living today, tomorrow… and all beyond. At a critical turning point, Anya helped me through Reiki to clear myself of doubt and cynicism. She helped me to hear and take to heart a message most crucial: I am not alone, and I never have been. I cannot stress enough how urgent was my need to see that truth.”

—Steve Currie, freelance writer; Ohio, USA

“Dr. Anya is a deeply intuitive guide. If a client needs someone to listen as they express themselves, she does so compassionately and without judgement. More importantly, Dr. Anya lives her own life in alignment with spiritual principles, which fosters a sense of trust amongst her clients.”

—Eva Lupold, graduate student at Rutgers University; New Jersey, USA

“Anya does a wonderful job at guiding her clients in finding their own truth. In a world that asks you to seek outside of yourself, she gently and effortlessly guides you within to find the answers you seek.”

—Michael Richter, student; Ohio, USA 

“After our blessed meeting, I could feel her love and energy reaching to me… our words that day have resounded with my spirit and I feel a sense of lightness that I haven’t had for awhile.”

Shay Ferguson, yoga teacher & Reiki Master; Ohio, USA

“Since I met with Anya, I have been able to believe in myself more and I have attained my dream job that has also increased my pay by double. I also have been blessed with this company sending me to conferences and training me. They believe in me and sincerely appreciate the insight I have regarding my profession, which is something that I did not have at my last job.”

—Dani, Northwest Ohio

Anya is an indispensable, life-changing resource of ethereal feelings. She facilitates a gentle healing experience.

—Priscilla, Northwest Ohio

Anya has a gentle, loving spirit, and an incredible open heart and mind. She teaches, but welcomes learning from her students. I’ve loved being in Anya’s classes, and highly recommend them.

—Janice Moore, Reiki Practitioner and holistic healer; Ohio, USA

I have taken Reiki Level One with Anya, and I was also blessed with her guiding me through a past life regression. She is an amazing teacher and guide. She helped me connect with my higher self and brought me closer and more in tune with my gifts. She is very talented and gifted in the way she reaches her students and holds space for them in a safe, loving container.

—Tiffanie Reynolds, psychic medium & life coach; Ohio, USA

Anya’s Reiki class changed my life. I wish I would have known Anya and her gifts when I was younger. She has a beautiful way of teaching and I am really looking forward to learning more from Anya.

—Kristi Marie Fuller, founder of Devi Intuitive; Ohio, USA

I highly recommend the amazing, multi-gifted visionary, Anya Light. Throughout our 3 hour session she wielded her thought-provoking power in such a soft spoken manner as we covered many topics and personal issues I had been grappling with. I expected nothing less, and received even more. Anya, the spiritual, psychic craftswoman and healer that she is, helped me shift into a healthier, more aligned, and focused being.

—LeeAnn Wanucha; Toledo, Ohio

Anya Light performs all sessions, trainings, workshops, and ceremonies in her capacity as an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church: a church that has no dogma, no hierarchy, and is inclusive and supportive of all spiritual paths. The ULC’s mantra is “We are all children of the same universe.” Please note: Anya is a spiritual guide and lightworker, NOT a licensed medical practitioner. Please also see our Legal Disclaimer.