Phone/Zoom Sessions


To request a session or for questions, please send me a message through my Contact page.

Please be aware that I am usually booked out about three to four weeks ahead.

Session with anya

This session is available via phone or Zoom. (For Zoom sessions, you will receive an mp3 recording from your session.)

Prior to our session, we will connect via email, where you’ll have the opportunity to share your intentions. I will begin supporting you energetically as soon as we book the session.

We’ll begin our sacred meeting with a grounding meditation, and then journey into conversation. As you speak your questions and concerns, I’ll be sharing Reiki healing energies, empathically listening from the heart-space, tuning into guidance from the higher realms, and teaching you one or two healing practices that are tailored to your unique needs.

Overall, the session will focus on balancing your chakras, cleansing negative karma, celebrating positive karma, connecting with your spirit guides, releasing blocked emotions, and/or manifesting your most vibrant life.

60-minute session: $100
Package of 4 sessions: $360

To schedule your session or for questions, please contact Anya

*Anya Light performs all sessions, trainings, workshops, and ceremonies in her capacity as an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church: a church that has no dogma, no hierarchy, and is supportive of all spiritual paths. The ULC’s mantra is “We are all children of the same universe.” Please note: Anya is a spiritual guide and lightworker, NOT a licensed medical practitioner. Please also see our Legal Disclaimer.