Sweaty Hands and Self-Love: A Story of Healing


At every stage of life, there is always learning.


Regardless of your particular role in society, a major step in the awakening process is to openly share and talk about your struggles with others. Even if you are a healer or a teacher (as I am), it is imperative that, from time to time, you share about your current challenges.


Yes, it may be scary to talk about our struggles (holy hell, I know that the story I’m about to share is super scary for me to admit!), but this kind of vulnerable sharing is what brings our shame out of the darkness and into the light of consciousness.


By sharing openly, we heal. We transform.


By my sharing with you today about a current challenge of mine, I hope you will be inspired to share with someone about your own challenges.



When the temperature rises above 75 degrees (roughly), my hands and feet begin to sweat.


This happens because my endocrine system is imbalanced.


I am currently working on healing it.


Some days are worse than others. On some days, it’s simply a light dampness; on other days, the sweating is so intense that I am literally unable to type on my laptop because I fear that such a steady flow of liquid will break the machine.


For all of my life, this issue has plagued me. Not only is it often physically uncomfortable (for example, it’s difficult to do yoga sometimes, because my hands and feet are sliding all around the mat), but it is socially uncomfortable as well.


If the weather is warm that day, after a class or a workshop, when one of my students approaches me and holds out their hand for a handshake, I sometimes inwardly grimace.


Or, if I’m doing a Reiki healing session with a client, when it is time for me to touch a part of their body that is unclothed (face, neck, arms or legs), I sometimes worry that the sweat rolling off my fingertips is a distraction or an irritation for them.


Or, if I’m dating someone new…there is always this awkward moment where they reach out to hold my hand, and I want to run in the opposite direction.


Over the years, I have equated my sweaty hands with being a total weirdo. With being a loser, or a freak.


Many times, when I’ve shaken hands with someone, and they’ve literally gotten their hand soaked (it’s quite incredible, really), I’ve seen the look of mild irritation or confusion on their face, as they then wipe their hand on their pants, unsure about what they’ve just encountered. I assume they’re thinking something like, “What the hell was that?” When I see that look on their face, my heart absolutely breaks. I feel like a failure as a human being. A freak. A weirdo.




For years and years—basically, my whole life—I have actively hated and despised this aspect of my physical body. And though I deeply adore warm weather, I sometimes find myself dreading the spring months because of the seemingly inevitable social awkwardness it can bring.


But…lately…I’ve been asking myself some deep questions.


Why am I so ashamed? Why do I assume others will have negative feelings about the wetness of my hands? Why do I worry and care about what others think? What does this worry reflect about my own capacity for acceptance and self-love? And since I judge myself in this way, in what ways do I still judge others for not being “perfect”?


In so many ways, I have dropped concern for social norms and done my own thing. I’m a rebel. I am an independent, free-spirit. I don’t follow fashion norms. I wear non-matching clothes without a second thought. I don’t shave my legs; I don’t conform to gender norms. And I’ve broken just about every sexuality and relationship norm there is. In my rather conservative, frozen-in-time tiny town, I hug trees, sing, and openly perform sacred rituals in public spaces where such things are seen by the majority as outlandish, if not outright insane.


In so many aspects of my life, I do not give a crap what others think about me.


So why, in this one aspect, do I still worry about judgment and criticism from others?


After much recent reflection, I realize that the basis of my worry has to do with the fact that I’ve been stressed about presenting myself in a certain way, since my work highly depends on the impressions others have of me in order to seek my services. Basically, I’ve wanted to show myself as “perfect,” so others will be inspired to learn from me.


However, this attempt to be seen as perfect has created an impossible situation, where I am, time and time again, judging myself as less than perfect. It has set up a no-win scenario, where I am feeling like I have to hide behind a mask, rather than present my true self to others.


Ultimately, what I realized is this: Lately, my sweaty hands are prompting me to be more honest with others.


I want to take all my masks off.


And my sweaty hands are helping me to realize how much more I need to love myself, unconditionally.


Do I have the courage to love myself, every single bit of me—no matter what?


Do I have the courage to claim my experience, and say to the Universe: “I love myself through my hands. I love myself through my feet. I love myself, whether sweaty or dry. I love myself, no matter what.”




I realize that I do not know when the full physical healing of my endocrine system will happen. I know that the core of the imbalance is from years of undiagnosed PTSD.


And even though I now consider myself healed from PTSD—meaning that I have successfully rewired my brain into healthier patterns so that I no longer feel victimized by my past and meaning that I no longer require that label to make progress on my awakening journey—the reality is that my endocrine system, my physical body, is still catching up.


For years I have faithfully practiced healthy eating, daily meditation, and Reiki self-healing. And the situation with my hands still persists.


I’ve been so angry with the Universe. Why haven’t I been healed yet, when I’ve been so diligent to follow the path of healing?


And this anger…this anger is now asking to be transmuted, transformed, into patience, peace, acceptance, and self-love.


I need to be with myself, just as I am, unconditionally.


I have to be okay with the possibility that my hands and feet might always sweat more than I’d like.


Yes, the time is now for a new chapter.


Yesterday, I attended a social function. New friends everywhere, wanting to shake my hand, wanting to be close. And so yesterday I began to practice something new. I began to shake hands with people, and as I did so, I silently repeated the mantra: “I love myself through my hands, I love myself through my hands, I love myself through my hands…”


As I met people by looking deeply into their eyes and seeing the lovely Spirit that lies within, I realized that what counts is not the dryness or the wetness of my hands. What counts is my ability to meet them where they are at, and to see the God within.


In order to do this, I need to meet myself in just that same way. If I am blocked because I cannot love this part of me, what are the chances that I can love them in the deepest way?


I am ready for this change. I am ready to create a new reality, where I love myself fully and totally, no matter what.




My dear friends, thanks so much for reading my story.


It’s felt scary, but also remarkably good to share with you.


Now, I invite you to share with us, in return. Let’s exchange energy and create a complete circle of healing.


What is it that you have disliked or even despised about yourself that you can now use as an opportunity to love yourself? What is it you’ve judged about yourself that you can choose to transform into an active practice and remembrance of love?


Please share with us in the comment section below.


Know that as you share your story, you are inspiring others to do the same.


Your choice to be intentionally vulnerable is a powerful healing act, for yourself and others.


Thank you.


22 thoughts on “Sweaty Hands and Self-Love: A Story of Healing

  1. I have large breasts. Right now Im a cup size “F” Puberty came when I was about 9 years old. By the time I was 12 years old my breasts were already cup size “C”. This meant that that I was different from all my friends and cousins. I also wanted to wear spaghetti strip tops and dresses and it was not possible. One time I heard my aunt tell my grandmother that Im probably going to start having sexual relationships early on because my body was developing so fast. I got attention from older males before I was ready for it and this brought me a lot of shame. Truth is that I really hated my breasts in my teens. But thankfully that phase passed and I started seeing how beautiful my curvy body is, and I came to love my big breasts as much as I loved the rest of my body.

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    1. Dear Avela,
      Thank you for sharing your story!!
      I love that you now see your breasts, your curviness, as beautiful, and that you overcame the shame that you felt early in your life.

      I really love everything you post on Facebook, by the way. You have such light flowing from you, and it helps me regain center if I’m having an “off” moment. Thanks so much, sister! xo
      much love


    2. I am proud that you are beginning to like who you are. This is something that I am trying to work on as well. I have a sunken chest due to genetics and because of that, I am also fearful of being top naked (I am a male by the way). I am afraid that people will judge me for having a weird physique. I think this is a rare condition because I don’t think I ever saw any other male have this condition in person before other than my own dad. Because of that, I don’t want to be in a relationship as I don’t want my partner to have to have me as a partner who is not physically “normal”. I would rather as such be single and I know deep down I want to be with another person but I don’t want others to have to deal with my defects. I also thus don’t want to have my own children for fear of passing this on to my children.

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      1. My ex boyfriend had a sunken chest. It’s not as uncommon as you would think! There’s nothing wrong or ugly about it, it never bothered me and I can’t think why it would bother anyone else. Maybe some people who are too focused on looking ‘perfect’ like photoshopped stars in magazines? Which obviously is not real life and not sustainable.
        That’s the thing about our insecurities, we just see them from our own inner critic perspective. Ultimately we just need to love ourselves more and all this will dissipate. Really don’t worry about your chest, even if someone might not like it, there is someone out there who will love it, loving all of you. Hope this is helpful. 🙂


  2. Wow, thanks for being so vulnerable, Anya! It is both comforting and freeing to know that we all have things we hide/dislike about ourselves.
    I have always hated how emotional and emotive I am. I cannot hide any emotion I am feeling. I have cried at least once, but typically multiple times, a year in front of classmates during elementary, jr high, and yes, high school. It is incredibly embarrassing. I would scold myself and tell myself to keep it together. I wanted to wish every feeling away. I still often despise this aspect of my being, wanting a way to hide my emotions, but also, not feel them at all. Feeling deeply can be so hard!
    I still struggle, but I know that this aspect of me allows me to connect to others and is why I am perceptive and compassionate to how others are feeling. I think it is the thing that drew me to practicing Reiki and being a healer. So, it is a gift. 🙂


    1. Dearest Amanda,
      I agree, your emotiveness is a gift.
      As my favorite spiritual teacher Matt Kahn says, “What we’re feeling we’re healing.” I think that’s so true. When we feel, we allow the layers of tension, fear, and other emotions to release and flow through and out of us. We allow ourselves to break the bonds of restriction that society tends to put upon us, and we are then free. Emotions free us!
      Thank you for sharing your self-love story, Amanda. I appreciate you. I see you.


    2. Don’t be. Your authentic expression of your emotions I feel is something that I admire truly. I am learning to be able to be more in touch with my emotions and comfortable expressing them to the world.

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  3. Wow, this is such a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. I’ve always struggled with self doubt and low self esteem, but my sense of self worth plummeted after an abusive relationship. The horrible things this person said to me and that profound sense of unworthiness are always lingering in the back of my mind, although it has lessened over time. I have turned to writing and telling my story in hopes of healing myself and others going through the same thing. I’ve learned that by sharing our stories we can find solidarity and remind ourselves that we are not alone.
    Wishing you all the best – speak766


    1. Dear friend, thank you so much for your words. I am so glad to hear that you have founds ways of healing yourself: through writing, and through sharing with others. It is so important that we find a voice to share our innermost truths–this is how we come alive. Thank you again for your sharing here. Much love to you xo

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    2. I can relate the your comment. I am also have been spiritually evolving at a rapid pace in these few years. Now I feel that I cannot hold back speaking my inner truth and feelings in general and I am more confident to be authentic to my soul. I am learning to be able to tap into my Divine Femininity and I feel that it is a great mission for me as a male to be able to be comfortable showing the Divine Feminine side to the world. I think that I am suppose to be a role model for males out there to be comfortable with their Divine Femininity as well. It is not easy growing up in environments where males are being bullied and shamed for expressing emotions. I can say that I am not perfect yet but I am learning to start to be aware of my emotions and then release it without fear of judgement by others.

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  4. As a 54 yr. old female, married for 29 yrs., I’m learning how to trust my God and my awesome self as I learn to believe why I was created and for what special purposes. Finding that specialness about myself has been a wonderful, sometimes daunting journey of taking responsibility for every aspect of my own life! I have blamed and shamed others for not knowing how to meet my needs. I’m learning how to communicate from a more loving & caring place for my own survival because I want to be better every day. Not perfect! I want to be comfortable with who I am so others are Blest and want to be around me! I want to live as if there is no time, or amount of money that can persuade me from becoming my authentic self! As a wife, mother, aunt, cousin, sister, daughter, and friend, I’m learning how my lack of belief in myself is my ego trying to protect me from past hurts that inhibit me from moving forward into certain areas of my life! I just finished a 30+ yr. career of teaching Special Needs babies through 26 yr. old adults and I’m beginning a new career in Network Marketing to help others be free of a 9-5 boss driven job to becoming their own boss and creating the schedule of their dreams! Now, I have to be so disciplined with my time if I want to be financially responsible for myself because I’m not expecting my husband to take care of me. I’ve never had so much freedom to do whatever I want, when I want to, and yet I’m scared of succeeding and failing at the same time! I’ve taken this summer to allow myself to not schedule too much so I could have more time to see what it is I really love, am good at, and how realistic it is. My sweet niece Anya emailed me about writing something in this blog about self healing and I couldn’t be more thrilled to tell you about my transition from a dependent wife, mother, aunt, cousin, sister, daughter, and friend to a self healing woman that continues to learn about how extremely important it is to love & believe in myself first. I began journaling every day last October 27th after reading a book called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. Scribing is one of the 5 exercises he recommends. It’s been almost a year that I’ve been faithful in journaling through an Our Daily Bread App on my phone. I send it to my email & then print it out at the end of each month so I can transcribe this journey daily. I’ve never grown so much or listened to more audio books than I have these past 11 months! A whole new world has opened up and I feen to get a new book before I’m done with the last. Self love comes with self healing when we choose to spend enough time with ourselves, believing in ourselves, and learning how to shut out the ego,naysayers, and dream stealers so I can focus on and spend more time with my God, those that lift me up & challenge me in a healthy way, and allow me to do the same for them! Anya is one of the lights that shines in my life and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Thank you for letting me express some of my self healing practices during this transitional period and for helping me along the way! Love never ends when it begins with you!


    1. Dear Sue,
      I feel blessed every day to know you are my family: both in my “earth family” and also a member of my soul family. We have been drawn together, time and time again, to share with each other, uplift each other, and sometimes challenge each other.

      When I read your story, I see I have so much I can learn from you: and that makes me excited! I myself am learning to break the constraints of society in terms of not being financially dependent upon anyone else, and also learning to reach for my authentic dreams despite the naysaysers who say that we must work at jobs we hate in order to make a buck.

      I love that you took the time this summer to relax your schedule to discover what you love and what you are good at. There is a Japanese concept called ikigai, and it means “the intersection of what we love, what we are good at, and what the world wants and values from us.” Basically, one’s ikigai is one’s reason for being. I am so glad you are on the road to finding your unique ikigai, Sue.

      Sending you love, and many thanks for sharing your self-healing story. We are all blessed by your sharing! xo


  5. What a wonderful page to stumble upon! I TOO have schweaty hands. Based on my research and a few other reasons, I actually some cases are extensive emissions of Biophotons and a sure-sign of a Spiritual Healer! Check out my site if you are interested in learning more or ever in the Boston area! I’d love to interview you for a research project I’m working on. Thank you for your beautiful website and life dedicated to love, growth, and oneness!


  6. I felt the need to comment because I can relate to it. I have been a person who often sweats very easily. Now I understand that it is my body way of letting me know that it is OK to be vulnerable with showing others and the world my true self. Intellectually I understand but I know deep down, I am still learning to be able to truly accept my flaws and weaknesses. Perfectionism has always been a core theme of my life and I always believe that I should never hurt anyone and my mission in life is to serve others and humanity (especially those who needs it the most).

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    1. Dearest Wayne,

      Welcome to the blog! Thank you so much for your comment.

      Perfectionism is often something that the most kindhearted amongst us struggle with. You are not alone. As we continue to allow our authentic, beautiful, vulnerable selves to shine out in the world, the world benefits from our courage.

      Sending love to you XO

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  7. By the way, anyone can advise on where I can learn and/ or administer energy healing work in general?

    I need help with all the concrete details (I am poor with this).

    Also, I am poor with cash to pay for courses in general so I am now hustling to figure it all out on my own how to go about it strategically.

    It’s tough.

    Any help would be appreciated greatly.

    Thank you. 🙏


  8. Hi Anya Light,

    I wanted to thank you so much for posting this article and sharing with us. Just what I needed to see today. I have also always had sweaty hands and feet and share a similar struggle with the yoga mats (sometime giving even the cork mat a run for its money lol). The weather just got warmer here and I woke up with this morning fed up with not being able to walk in my flip flops outside because of how my feet would slide around in literal puddles! Your wisdom about loving these parts of us and “loving myself through my hands and my feet” was a real gift. I wanna give my hands and feet a metaphorical *hug* and will keep getting “out there”!

    Best wishes and so much love <3,



    1. Dearest friend Sage,
      I am so honored by your sharing with me/us about your struggle. I trust that you will embody this new wisdom that pours forth within you. Thank you again for sharing.
      Love Always,


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