Healing Heart Meditation

a meditation created by Anya Light

The Healing Heart Meditation (HHM) serves two important purposes. First, this meditation gives you the sweet opportunity to heal your heart. We all have an inner child who lives within our heart. This inner child is desperately seeking validation, attention, celebration, support, and love. (Anxiety arises when we do not recognize our inner child.) By practicing HHM, we offer our inner child the emotional food that they need to thrive. 

The second purpose of HHM is to allow for the possibility of experiencing what I call The Peaceful State of Consciousness. This is a state beyond the stressors and confines of logical mind. This is a state free from worry and sadness; it is state of freedom and ease. This state is difficult for me to describe in words; I can only invite you to practice and see for yourself.

While you practice the HHM, you may find that, on some days, saying the mantra is difficult. It might even bring up some buried tears, fears, or doubts. If that happens, know that it’s all perfectly okay. Everything that happens during this meditation is okay. Simply keep practicing diligently and you will soon reap the benefits.

Also, please know that, on some days, you may only glimpse The Peaceful State of Consciousness for only a second or two. Again, this is okay! Everything that happens while you practice is okay. On other days, when you are feeling more happy or grounded, you may get to experience this state for longer. Every day that you practice will be different. Go with the flow, and simply hold an open, curious mind as you practice. This meditation changed my life so much! It brought an immense amount of healing that gently thrust me into the next level of my spiritual growth. HHM is truly powerful.

How to do the practice:

  1. Set an alarm for the amount of time you wish to practice. 

    As you become accustomed to the practice, you may add more time. If you are brand new to meditation, I’d suggest practicing for five minutes per day. If you are an experienced meditator, I would recommend you start with half an hour per day, eventually working your way up to one hour per day.

  2. Find a comfortable seated position.

    You may sit on a straight-backed chair, couch, or a meditation cushion. Find whatever seated position is most comfortable for you, while keeping your spine as erect as possible. (Please do not lay down for this meditation, as then you’re prone to fall asleep.)

  3. Set your intention.

    You can say to yourself something like: “I am about to heal my inner child and also surrender my mind into a peaceful state.” If you enjoy praying, you may pray to your preferred deity or higher power, asking for their help in your practice.

  4. Ask yourself the question: “Do I most need help to believe in myself today, or do I need help to love myself today?” 

    If you feel like today you are doubting yourself or if you’ve been feeling guilty, ashamed, or lack confidence, then your inner child needs some help with Belief. Through your mantra, you will act as the perfect Divine Father who believes in your inner child. The mantra is: “I believe in you _______ (fill in the blank with your name).

    If you feel like what you need most today is comfort, care, compassion, or warmth, then what your inner child is craving is the unconditional love of the Divine Mother. Therefore, your mantra for the day will be: “I love you _______ (fill in the blank with your name).

  5. Close your eyes. Begin to mentally say to yourself (with your inner voice) your preferred mantra.

    Remember that the Divine Mother and Divine Father have distinctly different healing roles, so be true to what you feel that day. Give your inner child what they really need.

    As you repeat this mantra over and over within your mind, you can say it fast or slow; do whatever pace works for you. Say the mantra over and over, relishing each moment and allowing yourself to feel the relaxation and uplifting vibrations of the mantra. Enjoy it. 

    If you notice some resistance, doubt, fears, or irritation coming up as you say the mantra, that’s totally normal. (Especially if you are suffering from trauma or depression.) If this is happening, I encourage you to just keep going. The first handful of times you practice, the mantra may feel fake or even like you are lying to yourself. That’s okay. That’s normal. Simply keep going. Keep practicing. Eventually, you will pass a threshold where you will feel the positive effects of the mantra and truly look forward to practicing HHM. Be patient. Sometimes the practice takes a little bit of time to settle into your system.

  6. As you say the mantra, periodically check in with your body to see if you can release any tension.

    Often, we hold tension in our shoulders, jaw, belly, or elsewhere. If you can find places to let go and relax, do that.

  7. On certain days, you may find yourself so relaxed that at a certain point then you will naturally have the urge to simply let go of the mantra and rest in The Peaceful State of Consciousness. This is a state of calm awareness, free from thinking.

    On some days, The Peaceful State of Consciousness will happen and on other days, it may not. Simply remember that if you feel the natural urge to rest in peaceful awareness, then do so. Allow the mantra to gently fade away and then simply sit in silence and stillness. Be free of thinking. Just BE.

    At a certain point, you will notice that you’ve begun thinking again (planning, analyzing, worrying, thinking about memories, etc.). This is totally normal! Remember: the goal is meditation is not to stop thinking, but rather to have compassion for ourselves and gain awareness of how the mind works. Once you realize that you’ve begun thinking again, simply return your attention to your mantra.

  8. Depending on how your meditation session is feeling that day, flow between the state of mantra repetition and The Peaceful State of Consciousness.

    Allow this flow to be a dance. Have fun with it! Allow it to heal you.

  9. When your alarm sounds, take a moment and give yourself Thanks & Gratitude for taking the time to practice.


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