Feeling Safety: A Guided Meditation


This is a guided meditation for when we are struggling with anxiety and negative thoughts.


The underlying cause of anxiety and negative thinking are false beliefs. These false beliefs are fear-based. Quite simply, we don’t feel safe in the present moment. We don’t feel safe in our bodies. We feel that, just around the corner, there is probably a menace, a terrible awful thing that is about to happen—and so we stay on guard.


This is where anxiety comes from. This is where worried, dark thoughts come from, as the brain tries to save itself by imagining and planning for worst-case scenarios.


This meditation, “Feeling Safety” is very simple. We can practice anywhere, anytime. We can do it during a meeting at work. We can do it while you’re with your children or at the grocery store. It can be done with our eyes open and while we are standing or moving.


The meditation brings a feeling of peace, ease, and safety because it draws our attention away from the vicious loop of negative thinking. It places our attention squarely on three simple things: hands, feet, and mantra.


Through this meditation, we replace the negative thinking with a positive truth that will instill confidence to return to our daily life. Understanding that we are, ultimately, safe and protected within the home of our bodies gives us a sense of ease and confidence. The fact that our bodies are firmly rooted to the Earth through our feet is a metaphor for what is true on a spiritual level: we are always connected, we are always safe.


As with any meditation, please make this your own. Feel free to add your own elements, and/or skip parts of this meditation that don’t make sense for you. Play with it. Feel it out. Take what works, and discard the rest.


Step One

Acknowledge that you are feeling anxious and having negative thoughts. In your mind say, “Okay, now I will do the Feeling Safety Meditation.”


Step Two

Begin to gently tap your fingertips against the palms of your hands. You can start with your left hand. Simply observe the sensation of it—the physical sensations of your fingertips tapping against the palm of your hand. Are your fingers hot? Cold? Sweaty? Sticky? Is the skin of your palm soft or rough? Are your joints flexible or stiff? Is the movement fast or slow? Are there sounds? Are your nails sharp? Simply notice, on a physical level, how it all feels. After you’ve done this with your left hand, repeat the same process with your right hand. Do this for a few minutes.


Step Three

In unison, with both hands simultaneously, tap your fingertips against your palms. Try to coordinate the movement so that both hands are perfectly in tune.


Step Four

While continuing to tap your fingertips against your palms, repeat the mantra: “I am home in my body. I am safe in my body.” If you are with others, you can say the mantra silently in your mind. If you are alone, you can say it out loud. Say this mantra as many times as you need to until you begin to feel calmer and more peaceful.


Step Five

Now stop tapping your fingertips against your palms. Begin to gently tap your feet against the ground. If you are in public amongst others, this can be a very subtle thing—just a very light tapping will do. If you are alone, you can tap more forcefully, if you wish. You could even stomp on the ground, feeling the vibration rise up through your leg. As you tap or stomp your feet, continue to the say the mantra “I am home in my body. I am safe in my body.” Do this as many times as you wish until you feel better and ready to continue your day.



How did this meditation go for you, dear ones? I’ve love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Feeling Safety: A Guided Meditation

  1. Thank you Anya! This will be very doable when I am on my own for sure. If there are people around, or I am needing to concentrate on something specific, I would most likely need to get up and go somewhere else for the first few tries. It really does seem like a great method, and I will definitely be attempting this when I am in need! Thanks again!


    1. My pleasure, Angie! And remember to make it your own. If you are around others and you really need to find safety and de-stress, you can always just shorten it to only the hand movements or just the mantra, or whatever smaller aspect of the meditation that would work best in that particular moment.

      I hope it helps you. I love you so much! xo be blessed


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