Strengthening Our Intuition with Oracle Cards



By Sarah Atwell


Working with oracle messenger cards is one of my favorite ways to strengthen my intuition.

Life is like the seasons—full of cycles and changes. The cards help us navigate. We go through times of renewal and fresh starts because it’s time to move forward. Sometimes, we must leave something behind because it’s no longer working for us.

As we undergo these cycles of change, we can let go of old habits, find different kinds of work, or step out of comfort zones and try something new. Indeed, life is ever-changing. It’s an exciting and unpredictable adventure; a maze of possible choices and unknown outcomes. Sometimes when I feel like I’m a bit lost, I go to oracle cards for guidance. They have helped me so much, and I feel they may help you, too.

My Magical Experience

Over the years, my work with the oracles has often focused on dreams and creativity.

For example, I’ve received much guidance about the role of art in my life. About a year ago, The Green Lady card from one of my favorite decks, The Faeries’ Oracle, kept coming up in readings. She encouraged me to grow my talents and courageously embrace my innate magic. I’d also get Penelope the Dreamweaver card quite often, who of course is connected with magical dreams and visions. She seemed to be telling me to step out of the mundane and try new things that would inspire and renew me.


During this time, I also had a dream that I was drawing lots of pictures so I could make my own coloring book or cards.

All these messages pointed to my new direction. I decided I was going to get busy and start drawing again. (It had been years since I had done any drawing.)

Now, a year later, I’m happy to say my first coloring book will soon be published. (If you subscribe to my blog at you will receive a free sample to download.)


Oracles and the Intuitive Mind

How do oracle cards work?

The oracles work as an extension of what we already know in our subconscious mind, which is where our intuition comes from.

The cards can be considered the physical representation of our internal intuition. When we use the oracles, we’re strengthening the connections between our subconscious mind, our intuition, and the physical world.

The images on the cards bring clarity to any hidden feelings, emotions or desires we may have.

As we shuffle them and focus on our question, we’re setting an intention and releasing our energy into the cards. This is what gives them power.

Your Choice and Your Power

There are many varieties of oracle cards. Some have themes like goddess, angels, animals or faeries.

One of my favorite sets is Oracle of Visions. The images in this deck are not only colorful and pretty but also very straightforward, making it easier to understand their meaning.

The other deck I love is The Faeries’ Oracle, as previously mentioned. Using this deck is one of my favorite ways to connect with the faeries and learn what they have to share.

If you decide to work with the oracles, find some that speak to you. Remember: it’s not the cards in themselves that have the power—it’s your energy and your intention that give them the power to work within you.




Sarah Atwell lives in Oregon and is currently studying various methods of healing. Connect with her on Facebook and her blog


How to Get a Good Psychic Reading


During my nearly five years working as a psychic medium and tarot reader, I’ve come across clients from virtually every background—from Baptists to Catholics, Muslims to atheists, and many more.

Despite differences in color, creed, or deities, one commonality remains amongst all individuals who sit at my table. Life is hard, and we as humans want answers when things happen that we can’t understand.

If you are like so many others who are seeking answers, and want a fantastic psychic reading, check out these tips to help you get the most out of your reading.


1.  Getting the reading you want begins before you ever sit down in front of a reader.

Take the time to really consider why you are seeking advice. Are you unsure about the possibility of a career change? Would you like to find out what the cards say about an impending move? A new relationship? These are all great reasons for seeking a reading.

Some not-so-great reasons for seeking a reading is to want to be given the winning lottery numbers or to know which stocks are going to increase in value. Simply put: Readers won’t give you that kind of information because they desire to use their abilities for deeper purposes for your soul’s evolution and the flowering of your life purpose.

If your first instinct is to ask about winning lottery numbers, take some time to reflect on why you want to win the lottery. Are you feeling financially insecure? If so, I encourage you to create a question to ask your reader, such as, “How can I manifest more financial abundance?”


2.  Decide what type of reading you need.

Typically, a tarot reading is one in which the reader can discuss many areas of life from career and health, to home and family. Tarot cards are used as a tool to enable the client and reader to visually see the story of the reading unfold. If it is future, past, or present information you seek, then a tarot reading may be just what you need. Other types of readings exist, too, such as: angel oracle cards, astrology, crystal ball, and many, many more. Do your research.


3.  Remember that your reader is not a therapist.

Psychologists and therapists have fancy letters behind their name and many years of professional training to know how to deal with the human mind in all its beautifully complex workings. While ideally you want a well-rounded reader who can speak on a broad number of topics and has legitimate experience, they will never be a therapist.

Therefore, resist the urge to spill all your worldly problems on to the reader; instead, allow the reader to tell you what he or she is seeing. By doing so, you are giving the reading the space to unfold naturally. When we knowingly or unknowingly give information to a reader, it can cause perceptions to change and a greater possibility for judgment or even a cold reading to occur. (A cold reading is one in which the reader uses previously-gleaned information to assist with the reading rather than using the cards and their psychic abilities.)


4.  Ask questions when appropriate.

When I read, I like to start with as little information as possible. It ensures me that I am going in free from judgment, preconceived notions, and biases, while maintaining professional integrity.

I encourage my clients to pick one area to focus on first, such as home, money, health, career, etc. When one area is finished, I move on to another area unless my client has questions. Whether you are new to readings or not, I encourage you as a client to really listen and let your reading experience unfold as it will.

Questions are great, yes, but what I love even more is when a client is paying attention. When you really listen to a reading, then the questions you have can be asked when appropriate, not simply when there is a moment of silence.


5.  Take notes.

From college lectures to the board room, people everywhere jot down important information. Why should it be any different during your reading? In my personal experience, I love when clients write notes while I read. Firstly, it forces me to slow down and just take one card at a time (I can’t talk a million miles an hour and expect my client to write it all down). Secondly, notes help the client to really see what is important in the reading.

As a client, you may wish to discuss your most recent break-up; yet, as your reading progresses, and you are taking notes, you may see that the cards are moving in an entirely different direction. Having a tangible set of notes in front of you may also illuminate patterns in the cards or even in how things are happening in life.

Last but certainly not least, taking notes helps the client to remember what was said during the reading. When excitement runs high we often forget what was said or neglect to ask an important question.


…So, where do you go from here? Go and get a reading of course! Enjoy!

If this article has sparked any questions for you, please leave me a comment! I’d love to hear from you!




Laura White is an intuitive practitioner who enjoys studying herbalism and aromatherapy in her spare time. She has worked for the last five years as a tarot reader, psychic medium and intuitive consultant. Her knowledge of many spiritual paths, psychology, and various metaphysical topics provides depth and scope to her readings. To schedule a reading, email her at: You can also follow her on Twitter at: @sacredintuition