Daily Miracles: The Way My Sister Walked


By Reverend Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


The miraculous story I would like to share is the story of my sister, Elana Jody Lipstein-Waldman.


Elana was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer when she was the very tender age of 32.


According to statistics regarding this diagnosis, Elana was given less then a 30% chance of surviving more than 2-3 years, and this was with the most advanced treatments currently known within the allopathic medical industry.


Amazingly, instead of choosing to believe the statistics given by her doctors, who were touted as some of the absolute best in their field, Elana chose instead to alter her perception of her diagnosis and her condition.


Instead of seeing the diagnosis as death sentence, she saw it as permission to enjoy life to its fullest. She began to view her condition not as fatal but rather as a chronic condition that simply had reoccurring flare-ups that needed treatment.


Over the next years, Elana was treated with over 100 chemotherapy treatments, radiations, test trials, injections, specialty diets, fitness routines, and lifestyle changes.


Even though these treatments helped, in reality it was her PERCEPTION that gave her the gift of life. She lived EIGHT YEARS beyond her diagnosis!


My sister walked the walk of Namaste Love and, as a result, was gifted the greatest miracle of all: life.




Reverend Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein is an empathic holistic healer & intuitive mystic. For those seeking more pearls of love’s wisdom, please visit RhondaSherylLipstein.com


Daily Miracles: “It will be okay”


A few days ago, I was typing on my laptop while listening to Estas Tonne, my all-time favorite guitarist. I was feeling a bit stressed, a bit down.

Suddenly, I heard Estas whisper: “It will be okay.”

I stopped typing.


What was that?

I’d listened to this particular song a million times before—and I’d never heard him say those words!

How odd!?

With butterflies in my heart, I stopped the track and rewound to twenty seconds earlier.

I listened for the words “it will be okay.”

I listened…

…and I rewound again.

They were not there.

The words were not there.

Daily Miracles: the Wooden Floor, the Meditation


Time spins and swirls: it doesn’t exist.

The great miracle is that we don’t lose the ones we love.

The ones we love stay with us. They shape us; they live and breathe inside our bones.

Today, I was missing someone. I sat down to meditate. I kept my eyes open and softly gazed at the wooden floor.

The patterns in the wood begin to spin and swirl. The light coming in from the window did a pretty, pretty dance.

For a few minutes, a few thoughts held on…

and…then…they were gone.

I was me. Just me again. Just me, with you. Us. The infinite Universe. A small being, and also everything.

You were there. The one I was missing. You were there.

The meditation bell rang, we did our bows, and then I put on my shoes. I entered the day.