Skype/Phone Sessions


To request a session with Anya Light*: please send a message through the Contact form.

Chakra Healing Session

This session has a duration of 1 hour and is done through Skype or phone. The intention for this session is to cleanse, clear, balance, and boost the vitality of your 7 chakras. In this energy work, Anya will be using the Violet Flame, shamanistic tools, as well as assistance from angels, ascended masters, and your own spirit guides. Anya will also offer suggestions for affirmations and/or meditation tools to assist you, so you will leave the session empowered to continue the healing work on yourself. Anya is a certified Reiki Master. Cost is $75.00   
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Guidance Session

This session has a duration of 1 hour and is done through Skype or phone. In this dialogue between you and Anya Light, the intention is to ignite your highest passion, clarity, courage, joy, and bliss! You will be guided to release patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you, and learn techniques and self-empowerment tools so that you may create a present and future more in alignment with your heart and your unique path of Self. Cost is $75.00 
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Intuitive Card Reading

Anya reads Osho Zen Tarot Cards and Angel Oracle Cards to help you heal your heart and calm your mind. As you are guided to clearly understand what is happening in your present moment, you will feel increased confidence in your own intuitive abilities to navigate future choices. The words Anya speaks are filled with divine loving energy, igniting a sense of clarity and excitement about your individual life path and purpose. This session is done via Skype, phone, or email.
30 min  $40.00 
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1 hour  $75.00 
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*Anya Light performs all sessions, trainings, workshops, and ceremonies in her capacity as an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church: a church that has no dogma, no hierarchy, and is inclusive and supportive of all spiritual paths. The ULC’s mantra is “We are all children of the same universe.” Please note: Anya is a spiritual guide and lightworker, NOT a licensed medical practitioner. Please also see our Legal Disclaimer.