A Letter to the Wayshowers


Dear Wayshowers,

The ancients spoke of this time. A time of great remembrance.

Many advanced souls have been drawn back to this planet at this time.

We do this for the purpose of being a wayshower for others. Of helping people remember the timeless, eternal Truth.

You have already done this.

Allow me to repeat: You have already done this.

Indeed, you have already awakened, in many past lifetimes. You have already lived in a state of pure bliss and perfection in other times, on other planets, in other dimensions. You have assisted countless beings in the ascension process.

And now you are here again. Back again, doing the same work, here on Earth. Why? Because it’s great fun! And a huge challenge! Helping a planet awaken is one of the greatest thrill rides known in the cosmos.

When you are born, you begin your life with a sense of forgetfulness about the Truth of your being. You have amnesia to who you truly are.

Therefore, for many years, you have been living in extreme self-doubt. You have even allowed yourself to believe you have been the “victim” of other people. Many of you have acquired some very intense battle wounds along the way.

However, here’s the good news. I’m here to remind you today of the uplifting truth: You have already done this! You have already awakened, many many times. You are aware of the process, the subtle nuances inherent in rising up out of darkness and into the light.

The mind makes all things so. Each person creates the story of how the Universe works. And when souls come together to tell the same story, things are accelerated.

Have no fear. This lifetime is very special. You have wisdom locked inside of you. You only have to find the keys.

Finding the keys is what drew you to this letter, and what draws you to the teachers and mentors who can help.

Pray. Ask the Great Spirit, Goddess, God (whatever you want to call it) to help you unlock the great wisdom within you.

Pray. Ask for help. Ask to be drawn to an enlightened teacher.

Pray. Speak to the very cells of your body, asking them to help you in this awakening process. Ask them to heal, so that you can be clear and vibrant.

Pray. Ask the Divine Force to transform and uplift all the people you encounter.

Dear friends, pray.

Pray that your awakening awakens others. Pray that your love heals the planet.

Go forth, in your full regal bearing, knowing that you are an advanced soul, with advanced wisdom to share. Awaken further!

When things get difficult, remember that you already have a PhD in ascension and it only seems like you are back in high school, fretting over an algebra problem. The truth is: you have done this work before, and you have chosen to repeat the process of awakening in this time, on this planet, right now, when things do seem very dark.

But the darkness is an illusion.

Remember that enlightenment is here, now. You are here now.

Take a breath.

Okay, take another breath.


You’ve got this.


Blessings to you all,

Anya Light

Saying Hello and Goodbye to Cannabis: My Story of Healing


Here is the story of how I said hello and goodbye to cannabis. Here is my story of healing.

To begin, however, allow me to first define cannabis.

What exactly is this magical plant that people call pot, weed, or marijuana?

To put it plainly: cannabis is an essence. A kind of spirit essence.

Every kind of being on this planet has a certain unmistakable flavor. For example, cats are cats, no matter the individual differences in temperament and personality. Dogs are dogs, no matters their quirks. One cannot mistake a cat from a dog—they are fundamentally carrying a different spirit essence in their DNA.

Now, let us take this analysis a step further. If we consider humans, we would admit that it would be difficult to mistake a Chinese person from a French person. It would be difficult to mistake an African from a Russian. Each ethnic group has its own beautiful flavor, its own unique contribution to the world. Its own awesome essence.

If we consider this in terms of plant life, then, we can see that each type of plant has its own beautiful essence also. The raspberry bush brings to us sweet pink morsels. The basil plant brings soft and tangy leaves. The peace lily brings wonderful white blossoms.

Thus, each variety of plant, person, and animal has its own uniqueness. Its own characteristic beauty. Its own irreplaceable contribution to the world.

What then is the essence, the contribution of cannabis?

What the cannabis plant brings to us is the vibration of the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension is that of magic and mysticism, of unexplainable new realities.

Many human beings, at this time, operate in their daily lives in a humdrum third-dimensional vibration. What this means is that they see physical reality as very “real” and solid and that they have little power to mold it. They believe that when they die, it is the forever end. They believe they are only a separate body, a crude mass of flesh and bone. Third-dimensional consciousness is heavy and constricted: a consciousness of fear, scarcity, violence, and competition.

When one ingests cannabis, however, one is instantly drawn into a different world. One enters the fourth dimension.

In the fourth dimension, the vibration changes. Our bodies feel a bit lighter. More pliable. Time seems to lengthen and even, at times, dissolve. In the fourth dimension, our consciousness becomes more fluid, and we can even perceive ourselves as not being solely contained within the physical walls of our skin—everything, including our own body, becomes less solid, and we begin to perceive our infinite power as Creators to shift and change the “outside” reality.

In the fourth dimension, we enter into a kind of curious waking dream, where our inward hopes, fears, joys, and emotions become intensified. Under the influence of cannabis, the outer more obviously reflects the inner. The subconscious becomes conscious. For example, let’s say we have a fear of water that we—with our conscious, rational brain—try to repress during our normal waking life. Under the influence of cannabis however, the truth of the subconscious emerges. Our friend asks us to step onto a boat, and we suddenly find ourselves panicking, unable to board the boat. We may even have a flash of a memory from a past life in which we drowned. With the help of the cannabis plant, we may find hidden soul secrets rising to the surface.

For many years, I was healing from a variety of debilitating chronic illnesses. I was bedridden much of the time. I was depressed. I was not really living.

What initially drew me to cannabis was that it was a great way to numb the physical pain and it often gave me a boost of energy, helping me get out of bed and perform daily tasks. However, over time, using cannabis became a profoundly spiritual experience for me. It became sacred ritual. Mystical adventure. It opened up my psychic channels.

Over time, I found that it was possible to bond with the spirit of the plant herself—to interact with her as a distinct personality. In our adventures, I learned her name was Janine (she seems to go by different names, depending on who you talk to!), and I learned to hear the world through her beautiful unique ears and to see the world through her beautiful unique eyes.

Janine was my buddy. She helped me laugh when every bone in my body hurt. When I was stuck in bed, Janine helped my astral body travel to other dimensions, planets, stars, and universes. Janine helped me perceive (for the first time in my life!) the beauty of a single rose.

Most of all, Janine helped me understand the circumstances of my illness from a broader perspective. She helped me see the greater plan that was to be for my life, as a healer and wayshower of others. She brought me courage and peace.

Over a few years, my dear friend Janine helped me expand my consciousness out of the third dimension and into the fourth. Over time, I could feel Janine’s presence—the presence of the fourth dimension—even without ingesting the plant.

I was changing. I was growing.

And then…a fateful moment came, when I could deny the truth no longer.

Janine was actually starting to bring me down. Ingesting her was now making me feel sad, sleepy, heavy, and rather morose. Why? Because now I was generally residing at a higher level of vibration than her.

So…there was only one thing to do.

It was time to say goodbye to my dear, dear friend.

I created a farewell ritual and said my thanks. I shed a few tears. I knew that I would be able to always tune into her presence if I wanted to… and yet, it was still sad. Like the death of a loved one.

I no longer needed my guide.

Make no mistake: if you are currently using cannabis in order to raise your vibration…and if it is your intention to continue awakening, continue growing, then this particular chapter in your life must eventually come to an end. You will see that it is time to let go of your pal cannabis.

You will see it is necessary to let go of the training wheels so you can really ride the bike of life.

Janine, my dear sweet friend, was a wonderful doorway into the fourth dimension. She was a wonderful pathway for healing. But, ultimately, I wasn’t content to just stay there. I wanted something deeper, just as psychonaut-turned-spiritual-teacher Ram Dass discovered many years ago. I wanted meditation. Full mental clarity. Full energy and health. I wanted the bliss and intoxication of God-love that resides in the fifth dimension. I wanted so much more.

Ultimately, I am so happy that acceptance of cannabis and other sacred plant medicines is becoming more and more widespread. This is very good for our planet. Mass waves of human beings are breaking out of the box of third-dimensional consciousness. Maybe they begin the journey by simply wanting to have fun or wanting to numb the pain. That’s okay. Whatever prompts the journey is wonderful—because the journey always ends in the same place.

Evolution. Awakening.


Meditation is a Practice of Dying


Meditation is a practice of dying.

When we close our eyes to meditate, we drop our lives. We drop our names, our wants, our goals, our to do lists. We drop relationships, work, play; we drop it all. We drop.

When we sit down on a cushion to meditate, we chart a bold new path—into the unknown.

Meditation is not simply a way to relax or de-stress (although these reasons may have initially driven us to the practice); rather, meditation is a way to meet and experience Divinity.

Whether we were raised in a religious family or not, the path to Divinity, to Source, to God, to All That Is (whatever term you want to call it is fine; the label does not matter), is a path that comes when we have grown weary of the material world’s false promises. Maybe we have tasted fame, fortune, success, or even deep love in a marriage. And yet…and yet…there is this thing inside, this craving that is never fully satisfied.

What is this thing? This thing is the longing for God.

When we sit down to meditate, we say goodbye to our lives as they have been, and we invite the unknown. We invite Divinity to enter us.

When we sit down to meditate, we drop it all, for a few minutes, and we enter into a state where the mind is allowed to dissolve.

People fear death, because it is the conclusion of the mind’s accumulation of facts and figures of one particular lifetime. People tend to believe that what the mind has stored, all the facts and figures and stories and moods and memories is what makes up a “life.” Thus, when the mind ends at the time of death, people are often terrified. What happens when we lose the mind and the body that has defined our very existence? Is there life after life? Do we just cease to be? Indeed, the death process is terrifying to most people.

Ultimately, people fear meditation and are reluctant to try it because they fear death.

Death is an unravelling of the mind.

Meditation is also an unravelling of the mind.

Even though meditation is not yet mainstream on our planet, more and more people are waking up to the need for meditation in their daily lives. They are starting small: with five minutes every day, and then gradually devoting more and more time to the practice. They are beginning to taste grand moments of peace, and even happiness or bliss.

Meditation is the practice of dying. We die to all that we have known and all that we thought was real. We put down our identities, and we allow ourselves to be swept into the unknown.

Through this brave act of dying, day after day, we move into the light. We move towards the purest kind of freedom. It is the freedom of pure Consciousness—the knowing, the experience, the absolute certainty that all is One. That there is, in fact, no death at all.

A Letter of Encouragement to my Healer Friends



Dear loved ones,

The truth about healing is that not everyone wants to heal. The truth about healing is that not everyone is ready.

It takes a super courageous soul to look within and say “Maybe the way I’ve been doing it is not the best way.” It takes a humble soul to accept an extended hand and say, “Please guide me; I’m lost.” It takes a person of the most radical nature to say, “I’m ready for a change.”

Change is hard; change is difficult. Many people you know, including many people on spiritual paths, have reached a certain level of evolvement and then stopped. They are content to stay at that level. For them, they believe that where they are at is the highest they can go. For them, there is no higher wisdom possible—they have closed themselves off to the possibility of more.

If someone has stopped, and they don’t even realize that they’ve stopped (this is called “denial”), then they will not want your healing assistance. They will not desire your encouragement to go further.

This is a hard lesson, I know! I’ve been learning it lately, and it is perhaps the most challenging lesson I’ve ever encountered. There is someone in my life whom I love dearly who has been stuck in a plateau of cynicism, isolation, and frustration for many years, but who refuses to accept my sincere offers of help. I offer her free Reiki sessions, hugs, and words of guidance—yet she is not truly open to any of them. She does not want the wisdom I have to share. She does not want healing. She does not want to see within herself all the ways she could grow. She is not ready.

Dear healer friends, you cannot force someone to heal. You may love someone with every ounce of your being, and put tremendous efforts into offering assistance, but that person may refuse every moment of it.

Yet, know this: You are not a failure! What is happening is that you are learning a deep lesson. The lesson of acceptance. Every human being is on their own journey. It may not be in this lifetime that they are ready to do the deep healing work that you yourself have done. For the path of a healer, a guide, a lightworker and wayshower of humanity, is not an easy path! It is perhaps the most challenging of all—because we have to face our “yucky stuff” in the process, head-on. What courage! What intensity! Not every soul is meant for this.

My friends, the truth about healing is that not everyone is ready to heal. Not everyone wants your help.

The truth is, the best way to help someone you love who is resistant to your efforts is by respecting their choice to be exactly where they are. Even if your heart is breaking by watching someone you love refuse the healing support you offer, allow your heart to break. Feel it break and feel it break and feel it break some more.

Through the pain of your broken heart, your ego dissolves further, and then, paradoxically, more love can shine through.

Through the pain, you find redemption in the light. You leave all projections of how things “should be” and you enter the present moment of now…where everyone you love, and every single being that exists, is absolutely perfect. Right now. Now. Now…


Loving All of You Forever,

Anya Light ♥

Tarot for the Soul ~ week of September 25-October 1, 2017

TFS basic pin

Welcome to your weekly Tarot for the Soul reading!

If you have been guided to this reading, then you are in the right place, my friend. This reading is meant for you.

As always, I have drawn two cards from my Osho Zen Tarot deck.

The first card represents the gifts that will be showered upon you this week by the Universe. We always have gifts being delivered to us—and spiritual mastery lies in slowing down enough to be able to cultivate gratitude. Our soul longs to say “thank you”… and, so, by taking this moment to give thanks, we generate even more positive energy so that more and more gifts may manifest in the future!

The second card represents your areas for growth this week. Remember: there is no life without challenge…no light without dark, no yin without yang. Life in human form is a mixed bag of circumstances and lessons. It is in our highest wisdom to recognize and embrace all aspects, even the ones that are painful. Our soul needs challenges in order to grow. So, stand and face these growth opportunities with an open, courageous, loving heart.


~ Your Reading ~



This week, your life is filled with helpful animal spirits, guiding your way.photo_19 Major Arcana

Your first card, Innocence (19 of Major Arcana), is reminding you that there are magical moments with magical creatures all around us. Life is magic! If we can slow down enough to notice even the small beings, such as insects, our minds and hearts will expand, with the realization that these so-called “tiny” creatures are huge in their ability to awaken us to the deeper meanings of life.

Have you ever spent an afternoon with an ant? I did, a few months ago. I sat in a park, on a blanket, under the sun, and watched a single ant, for a very long time. She (or he, or whatever) crawled up and down the folds of my striped Mexican blanket, crawled up onto my foot, off the blanket onto the grass, and then back onto the blanket again. I hunched down, really close to the ground. I rested my chin on the blanket and brought my eyes as close to the ant as I could. I bonded with her.

It was one of the loveliest experiences.

This week, I invite you to take some time for a lovely, innocent experience. Find a small creature, whether that be the family pet, or a small bug, bird, or reptile out in nature. Find an animal and spend some time with it. Be still. Watch. Allow your mind to soften, and apprehend the glories that this beautiful little creature is whispering. Get in touch with your innocence again.


Your second animal guide for the week is a friendly tortoise, in the Slowing Down Card (Knight of Rainbows).WP_20170709_001

In this card, the tortoise’s skin and shell is colored by brilliant, sparkling rainbows. There are rainbows everywhere, on the ground and in the nearby water, showcasing the amazing spectrum of light that is available to the sight of all beings—if we can slow down enough to see.

This week is about sight. Are you really seeing everything around you? Are you slowing down enough, like the tortoise, to really take it all in with your eyes?

This card gently reminds us that if we take the time to breathe and move at a slower pace, the mysteries of the Universe will reveal themselves right before our very eyes.

The Universe knows that this is a difficult thing, sometimes, for you to do. It is an area of growth for you. Our culture demands a fast pace, demands multi-tasking, demands a pace that absolutely breaks the possibility for spiritual awakening. It is your job to say “NO!” to the culture, and to be a rebel and slow down. For it is only through slowing down that you will awaken your magical spiritual sight and see the rainbows.


Dear friends,

I love you all so much!

I have some news for you today.

A few days ago, I received a vision. It was very, very clear and powerful. The Divine is now asking me to exclusively focus my energies on Reiki, teaching meditation, and awakening coaching.

Although I have aimed to make Tarot for the Soul to be in the spirit of Zen (mostly about providing guidance about the present moment), the vision showed me that offering any sort of predictions, any sort of prophecy work is not what will be of the highest benefit to those who are ready for my guidance. I was invited to start a new chapter.

I am certainly grateful for having had the opportunity to share these beautiful Tarot for the Soul readings with you for the past six months. It has been inspiring, fun, and uplifting work!

I have heard positive feedback from many of you about how much these readings have touched your soul. This has made me so happy! I know in my heart that these readings have served a Divine purpose and helped many progress on their awakening path.

Sometimes chapters last a long time, and sometimes they are short. This time for Tarot for the Soul was rather short. And that’s okay.

However, I want to reassure you that I am still available to you for assistance. Please get in touch with me anytime, via Skype or phone, for spiritual guidance sessions and energy healing.

As a special treat, this week I’m offering Skype/phone sessions for $40, for both new and returning clients. If we haven’t worked one-on-one together yet, and you feel the calling, I invite you to heed that inner calling. It would be my absolute pleasure to serve you in this beautiful awakening time.

All My Love To You,

Anya  ♥

Anya Light
The Light in Me is the Light in You, always & forever

The Path of the Reiki Teacher


The teacher and the student are one. There is no true difference between them.

When I began to feel the calling to teach Reiki through this blog, many doubts filled my mind. I could feel the energy of yes pulsing through every part of me—and, at the same time, there were also doubts. The ego was reminding me of all the dreadful mistakes I had made in the past. Yes, I had taught students already. I had attuned many level one and level two students—yet…was I prepared, really prepared to offer my teachings on the larger scale of a blog?

On one particular morning, as I began to type out some notes for the beginning of this blog, I took a walk in the park near my home. I was feeling full of doubt and fear. It was quite cold, December, and almost all the leaves had departed from the trees. Life looked bare. A little scary. As I walked deeper into the park, I noticed two trees, ahead, who remained tantalizingly full. Their leaves were vibrant: bright and deep reds, and the occasional flush of orange or yellow. My feet seemed to have no choice but to go toward them. I reminded myself to breathe, to be present. I brought myself back to the moment. I reminded myself that the doubts I were having were not what mattered—what mattered was the energy of that yes that was pulsing through my body; what mattered was the beauty of those two trees, calling me forth.

As I came closer and closer to the trees, I felt the familiar tingle of Reiki entering my crown. My body relaxed and my steps slowed.

I took a breath.

Who am I to teach?

As soon as my mind formed the question, another voice came. It was a loving, soothing voice full of vibrating love.

The voice said: The everything you teach is you.


The student and the teacher are one. There is nothing that the student does not already know, deep in his heart. The student has simply forgotten.

Why does a teacher teach? What is the purpose of teaching?

When the teacher teaches, she (ultimately) teaches herself. She merges into air. She sings with the birds. She celebrates with all creation.

When the teacher teaches, he knows himself and can find himself. He delights in this thing we call life, this thing we call magical existence.

When the teacher teaches, there is a paradoxical awareness that there is no one to teach and nothing to say…and yet the students appear and the flower of words can also come forth.

When the teacher teaches, she teaches herself. She learns the way.

She envelops herself in light.

The Way you are Waking Up is Perfect


This is an unedited letter from The Light Collective,

a group of benevolent beings channeled by Anya Light


Dear lightworkers & wayshowers,

We come forth in this letter, and we speak to you. We are a collection of your higher self and the higher selves of many others. We are things that cannot be accurately translated into your language. Perhaps the closest word might be “guides.” We are guides. And we speak to you now.

We want to tell you we have great compassion for you at this time. We know that life right now seems like a crazy roller coaster. You find yourself doubting and you find yourself in bliss.

On some days, you are up, way up, feeling the love pour from every pore of every human you encounter, from every leaf of every plant, and from every bird who soars into view.

And then there are other days, when you feel like a fraud. You are nervous to be around your family or old friends, because their unconsciousness triggers the part of you that is not yet settled in your enlightenment. On these days, you are somewhat guarded in public, still keeping that proverbial eye out for the pickpocket, for the thief, for the person who will “hurt” you.

This is a normal part of the process. Not every human wakes up in the instantaneous way that is so often mythologized and glorified. Sure, a few rare ones have woken up quickly, overnight, but our tendency to long for that type of awakening only stems from our longing to rapidly flee from the suffering that hurts so much.

Please know that your periodic dips into suffering (which, you must admit, are not nearly as bleak as they used to be) has a useful purpose. Every thing that happens in Creation has a useful purpose. Nothing is wasted; all parts are integral. In order to help humanity, in order to help evolve consciousness during this time of transition on the planet, it is necessary that during this time you fluctuate back into suffering (the feeling of separateness, disconnection with the Whole) in order to gather information about how that exactly feels, having the contrast of the enlightened state to compare it with. You lived as numb robot for much of your life, trying to dull away the pain of your conditioned upbringing through alcohol, drugs, casual sex, mindless entertainment, endless running and distraction. You could not bear the pain in your body. You ran. You hid.

And then the time came when there was a break from the ceaseless chatter of your mind and everything became still. The clouds broke and the sun emerged. The time for the ceaseless pain was no more, and there was relief.

Dear lightworker, you are miles away from that first taste of enlightenment. Yet, you still suffer.

We are here to tell you that this is okay. It is part of the plan. Embrace that this part of the journey is going to feel a bit rocky, a bit crazy sometimes. Once you have broken through the veil permanently, you will look back at this part of your journey with utter amazement and gratitude. For it is through acquainting yourself with the suffering while still partly conscious of Unity Consciousness that brings the deep insight and the teachings. There are those teachers who woke up as children, or those who woke up overnight. They have their teachings. You have yours; yours are different.

Without this half-way phase, there would be no way to translate the message to others who will be on a similar path to you. Dear soul, there are similar paths, similar soul-streams. You are preparing yourself and helping those who are in the similar stream. You will speak to those who know or will know of what you speak. The rest you cannot speak to; it is not meant to be. They have their own teachers.

The way you are waking up is perfect.

If you simply popped from suffering straight into full awareness, what could you teach? You could only teach the mysterious story. Many have taught that story already. What is new is the story of waking up gradually. Waking up while in the midst of profound challenge.

Many of you are not in monasteries. Many of you are not in peaceful ashrams or in spiritual communities where you have the leisure to focus on your breath all day. Most of you are out there, in the world, in the nitty gritty of life, earning paychecks and raising children and going to grocery stores and living in cities breathing in polluted air. You lack the grass under your feet and you lack a spiritual teacher by your side.

Indeed, this is a hard path. One of the most challenging.

You live daily amidst great suffering—great suffering by those who do not even know they suffer!

It may be tempting sometimes to feel victimized by your circumstances and to think of this as a burden. We encourage you to reframe your situation as your great gift. It is a gift from self to self. It is a mission like no other.

You are a piece of Source; Source lives within you, directing you on this path that you are on. We cannot emphasize enough the reassurance that it is not your job to flee from this “mundane” life to some “more spiritual” place. Stay where you are. Be who you are. Do not try to arrange the details of your life so they are more comfortable. Run, headfirst, into the meat of this life, of where you are now, of the circumstances you are presented with.

When you are in a park, hug a tree. Allow others to watch you do this. When you are in a grocery store, tell the cashier she has a beautiful voice or he is doing a fine job. When someone asks you how you are, you can reply, “This life is a blessing.” Be you. Be bold. Be the one who inspires. Speak the truth you know within your heart. Do not allow the unconsciousness of others bring your energy down, but simply allow their unconsciousness to grow strength in you, as you practice directing your love in their direction.

If you are constantly surrounded by difficult, stubborn, depressed, angry characters at work or even in your home, make each moment in their presence a moment of service. No words even need to be spoken. Simply open and consciously maintain yourself as a pure channel of light, needing nothing from them, absorbed in your own radiance, bathed in light, moving slowly, moving so that the love can pour into you and then also reflect out from you, magnified a million times by your heart. Feel the Christ within you grow as you are around them. They are, in effect, helping shape you to be the teacher you are coming to be. Without their suffering, you could not know the healing power of graceful compassion within you. Do you not see how everything has its place, its purpose?

Do you not see how the waking up process is guaranteed?

You have crossed the threshold of 2012, and now you walk among the multitudes, learning to be the master.

When you are drawn to stories about Jesus, about the Buddha, about other awakened ones, do you think this is a coincidence? We want you to know it is like who attracts like. Many years ago it was rare to be a master. Now, you are among much company.

Your heart is a powerful instrument. Do not underestimate it. Your heart has the power to cleanse the suffering of those around you.

If you fall back into suffering for hours, days, or even weeks at a time, know that this is not a fault or a failing. You are still a lightworker—and, in fact, perhaps this is the best time of all for you to reflect upon this soul title…for you know on some core level you signed up for exactly this. You chose to the one who goes to hell, to extend a hand to those who suffer. And you can extend that hand because you know what it is like to be in hell. You know the way of no-hope, so you can give hope.

Many of the people around you do not know they suffer. Wait, patiently, until there is a moment when you can speak to offer insight, to offer knowledge. But, until then, until there is that perfect opening, no words need be spoken. Your peaceful presence, your action, is all that is needed. If someone is hungry, feed them. If someone needs a hug, hug them. If someone is crying, smile and touch their hand. These seem to be such simple things, yet they are the difference between life and death, between heaven and hell.

You are the sunshine, breaking free from the clouds. You are the morning, after a long winter’s night. You are what you came to be. You are.

We see you. We appreciate you. We speak to you, in our chorus of voices, whispering to you, watching over you. Know that angels attend you in every moment and that your life is blessed.

You will, friend, in this lifetime, reach that state of abiding awakeness you seek. You will. Eventually the wave will come, and it will take you fully. The more you doubt this, the longer you will have to wait for it. So simply trust that it is coming. You shall be delivered from this roller-coaster-time. And once you have been freed, you will look back with gratitude, your heart now filled with empathic teachings that could have come no other way.

Every path is perfect. Every choice is right. Every day is a chance to live your most brightest light and most surest truth.

Go forward on this path, light worker, being of light, friend of humanity, angel in disguise, and do the job you came here to do. Forgive yourself on your “bad” days. Trust, have faith, and love with every ounce of your being!


Endless Blessings,

The Light Collective


Tarot for the Soul ~ week of Sept 18-Sept 24, 2017

this week pin

Welcome to your weekly Tarot for the Soul reading!

If you have been guided to this reading, then you are in the right place, my friend. This reading is meant for you.

As always, I have drawn two cards from my Osho Zen Tarot deck.

The first card represents the gifts that will be showered upon you this week by the Universe. We always have gifts being delivered to us—and spiritual mastery lies in slowing down enough to be able to cultivate gratitude. Our soul longs to say “thank you”… and, so, by taking this moment to give thanks, we generate even more positive energy so that more and more gifts may manifest in the future!

The second card represents your areas for growth this week. Remember: there is no life without challenge…no light without dark, no yin without yang. Life in human form is a mixed bag of circumstances and lessons. It is in our highest wisdom to recognize and embrace all aspects, even the ones that are painful. Our soul needs challenges in order to grow. So, stand and face these growth opportunities with an open, courageous, loving heart.




This week is going to be a little different, dear friends.

As you know, I normally pull cards and interpret them for you.

What I’d like to invite you to do this week is to use your own powers of intuition to interpret the cards. Don’t worry—I will guide you.

Yes, you can do this!

So, I have drawn two cards, as usual, representing your gifts and growth opportunities for the week. Instead of offering direct interpretations for you, I will instead offer you some guiding questions. You may want to reflect on these questions by writing in your journal, or perhaps speak the answers out loud. Whatever ways you choose to work with the questions, you will soon clearly understand the significance of the cards and what they mean for your life.

One important tip about card interpretation: Don’t rush it. Give yourself adequate space for this exploration. At least twenty minutes is needed, or possibly more. Turn off your phone; unhook from social media, play some soothing meditation music, and light a candle or burn some incense. Create a sacred space for yourself. This helps unwind the busy nervous system, so we can more easily tap into our intuition.

Indeed, our intuition works best when we are relaxed.

As you breathe and relax, just gently play with the questions. What are the cards saying? What are you saying? Remember that there are no right or wrong answers. Every answer that pops into your head is exactly the Divine Guidance that will help you on your path. Don’t overthink it; just let it flow.

Dear friends, it is so important for you to understand that you can do what I do. Reading cards is not some “special” gift exclusive to some. No! Reading cards and other intuitive arts are simply that: arts. They are creative endeavors, available to all. Yes, it does take a bit of time and effort to feel comfortable in any art—but once we make the commitment to begin our training and explore ourselves through our intuitive sight…then, the world begins to open up its grand magic as never before.

And now…without further adieu, here are your cards!

this week spread


Your gifts for this week are represented by the Thunderbolt (XVI of Major Arcana).photo_16 Major Arcana

Here are some questions to ponder…

What do fire and lightning have in common? Where is the fire located, and why? Where is the lightning striking, and why? Who is the large shaded figure in the background of the card? Is this figure floating or is she/he resting on the ground? How would you characterize the emotional state of the two naked figures who are falling? How do the colors in the card make you feel? How would you describe the movement, action, or story of the card?

As you discern the symbols in this card, remember that gifts are not often what they appear. Often, gifts can be shrouded in mystery and paradox.

How does the Thunderbolt speak to you today? What does it whisper about your week ahead?


Your challenges of growth are seen in the Compromise card (6 of Rainbows).photo_rainbows 6

Here are some questions to ponder…

What emotions are brought up within you as you gaze at the card? What are the facial expressions of these two Japanese characters? Why are they touching pinkies? What kinds of clothing and objects are adorning their bodies? Would you want to share a cup of tea with these two men—why or why not? What are the colors of the card, and how do the colors relate to what they are doing? What situation or relationship in your life is represented by this card? What does it mean to compromise? What does it mean to agree? What is truth? How would you describe the movement, action, or story of this card?

How does the Compromise card speak to you in this moment? What truths is it trying to reveal and help you understand regarding your week ahead?

What challenges is the Compromise card attempting to forewarn you of?

In what ways will you meet those challenges? What intentions will you set?


Dearest friends,

I hope you’ve enjoyed interpreting your cards for this week.

Please know that I am available to you via Skype or phone for a private tutorial in how to read cards and strengthen your intuition. If you feel that little tingle of excitement as you read these words, then I encourage you to follow your heart and get in touch with me today!

Blessings & Eternal Radiant Light,

Anya ♥

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Daily Miracles: the Wooden Floor, the Meditation


Time spins and swirls: it doesn’t exist.

The great miracle is that we don’t lose the ones we love.

The ones we love stay with us. They shape us; they live and breathe inside our bones.

Today, I was missing someone. I sat down to meditate. I kept my eyes open and softly gazed at the wooden floor.

The patterns in the wood begin to spin and swirl. The light coming in from the window did a pretty, pretty dance.

For a few minutes, a few thoughts held on…

and…then…they were gone.

I was me. Just me again. Just me, with you. Us. The infinite Universe. A small being, and also everything.

You were there. The one I was missing. You were there.

The meditation bell rang, we did our bows, and then I put on my shoes. I entered the day.

Transcending Self-Sabotage: A Frequency Perspective



You’ve probably heard of self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is when we find ourselves acting in ways that are totally contrary to what we have learned. In other words, we “know better”—and yet we do it anyway.

Why do we do this?

Today I’d like to talk with you about self-sabotage in a different way, a way you’ve probably never heard before.

I’d like to explain self-sabotage from an energetic perspective. From the perspective of frequency.


What are Frequencies?

In our daily lives, we exist in a constantly fluctuating range of energetic frequencies. The range always exists, meaning that there is always going to be the lowest rung on the ladder that we could possibly feel on any given day at that particular stage in our life, and, conversely, there is always going to be the highest rung that we could possibly feel given that particular stage of our life.

As time passes, what constitutes our typical range will change. What you are capable of experiencing changes. Over the years, your highs will get even higher. And as time passes, your lows will not be as low as they once were.

Simply put, frequencies are emotions. Emotions are frequencies. They are one and the same.

An emotion is simply a frequency interpreted by the body-mind. So, for example, sadness and depression could be characterized as a low frequency, while the emotions of happiness and joy could be characterized as a high frequency. Sensations in the body such as heaviness and sluggishness could be characterized as low frequency, while sensations such as lightness and flexibility could be characterized as high frequency.

If you feel like you’re slugging through thick mud, you are in low frequency. If you feel like your body is vibrating or floating, then you are in high frequency.

What we experience on any given day is going to fluctuate, from hour to hour, even sometimes from minute to minute. This fluctuation is a normal part of being alive in a body. Even the great enlightened sages and teachers fluctuate: they sometimes feel neutrality, calm, joy, bliss, sleepiness, peace, and sometimes they even feel sadness. We all fluctuate. To fluctuate in frequency is to be human.


The Pattern of Self-sabotage

If we can view emotions and sensations as existing in an ever-shifting range of frequencies, then we can understand self-sabotage and how to gently dissolve this pattern out of our existence.

Self-sabotage is when we engage in an action or behavior that lowers our frequency. It is often an addictive or compulsive behavior. Often, after we self-sabotage, we feel like we’ve just woken up out of a bad dream. There’s this hazy, surreal quality to the whole action of self-sabotage, and when we come out of it, we are left scratching our heads, thinking, “Why in the world did I do that?

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on self-sabotage in my own life.

I recently had a gathering at my home, where twenty incredible friends gathered to partake in delicious nutritious food together, sing magical songs, meditate, fire-spin, and participate in a group healing session. It was amazing, out-of-this-world! Many who participated in the event commented that it was the highest they’ve ever felt without using drugs.

I too left the event with a feeling of elation. The following day, I felt I was walking on a cloud. All of life made sense, and everyone I encountered looked as beautiful as the Buddha. There was a shine to everything, a glow.

Two days later, however, I found myself reaching for some chocolate. As I am recovering from adrenal fatigue syndrome, I know that it is best to avoid caffeine and sugar in my diet. I have learned, over and over, that what my body needs most is total peace and calm—not stimulation. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that chocolate has negative consequences for my body.

And yet, I ate the chocolate. I ate a lot of chocolate. You could say I totally binged on chocolate.

As you might imagine, the next few days were hell. The caffeine interrupted my sleep patterns, and I was left a jittery, exhausted mess.

Why in the world did I do that to myself? Why did I make that lousy choice? At the outset, this seemed like a complicated inquiry for me to undertake. Yet, after reflecting and meditating, I realized that the answer was quite simple.

The answers to my questions are most easily revealed through an energetic perspective.

Let’s say you are flying high, like I was just after getting together with my friends… perhaps you just got a promotion at work, or perhaps you have just made love to your sweetie for the first time. Whatever the case, you are experiencing a higher rung on the ladder of your own personal frequency range. You are flying; you are free; perhaps you even feel weightless. You feel the world is vibrating to the beat of your own joyful heart, and you hope that you will somehow stay in this ecstasy forever.

But then the ego comes in. The ego doesn’t understand what joy feels like; the ego doesn’t understand what bliss feels like. The ego only knows separation and pain, and so that is what it tries to reinforce.

The ego decides, then, that the only thing it can do is to reassert yourself is to feed your mind doubts, worries, or lies.

When I reached for chocolate on that fateful day, I had the idea in my mind that maybe I would feel even better than I already did by eating the chocolate.

Is that crazy? Well, yes, of course—but that is exactly how the ego operates! The ego feeds us crazy ideas in order to re-establish itself and its own experience (pain, suffering, separation).

Based upon my years of experience as a person recovering from adrenal fatigue, I had learned without a shadow of a doubt that caffeine is one of the worst poisons I can put into my body. I knew this! And…yet…I believed the idea that the ego fed me: that if I ate the chocolate, I would be flying even higher than I was before.


Transcending the Pattern

Why did I believe the lie that the ego told me?

Well, there was clearly some subconscious things happening that I was unaware of. What I was experiencing, the day after the gathering of friends, was bliss. Total ecstasy. In Western culture, the state of bliss is not recognized as culturally acceptable behavior. There is, in fact, a deep suspicion of bliss. Bliss is seen as craziness, madness, as out-of-bounds from normal social existence.

I was in bliss—meaning, I was One with all. I was not concerned with paying my bills, I was not concerned with clocks and calendars. I remember walking around my neighborhood the day after the event, and seeing every stone, every blade of grass, and every person walking their dog as a piece of my own soul. I felt intimately connected to everyone and everything I saw. I felt deep love and compassion. This was bliss. This was what the great sages feel in every moment. This was enlightenment. This was it. I was it.

And then my ego totally freaked out. And, actually, justifiably so—because it felt like it was dying! It indeed was losing its grip on my reality.

The ego came in, reminding me (on a subconscious level) about the mandate against bliss in our culture. It came in, warning me that this high frequency might obliterate all the things in my life that I take for granted: maybe if I stayed in this state long enough, I would lose all my friends? Or maybe I would lose my work, my home? Maybe if I stayed in this state, my body might dissolve altogether or spontaneously combust?

All these worries and thoughts were fed to me, by my ego, on a subconscious level. I took them in. And then on, a conscious level, this thought appeared in my mind: If you eat chocolate, you might feel even more awesome than you already do.

The reality of living in a body in a Universe composed of energy is that energy fluctuates. After a few days, or perhaps at most a few weeks, my frequency, after my friendship gathering, would have dipped a bit lower as the days passed. It would have been normal, natural, and quite alright for me to dip down out of bliss, and perhaps into mid-range frequencies: feelings such as optimism, tenderness, safety, centeredness, stillness, peace, or mellow calm. That would have been normal, and to be expected.

And, yet, my self-sabotaging behavior caused me to quickly plummet to much much lower states such as anxiety and sadness.

If we want to understand why we engage in self-sabotage, we must understand it from the perspective of energy, of frequency. The ego wants to knock us down from high-frequency states—because it fears the dissolution of its own existence—by introducing erroneous logic into our minds. Because we are so high, so open and trusting of ourselves, then, during these high frequency states (where we see the perfection in everything, the love in all), we then can sometimes fail to use logic in making decisions. It is as if the ego knows we are liable to say “yes” to anything, because we feel so good. We trust. And, yet, this trust without logic will ultimately be our downfall, as we engage in self-sabotaging behavior.

Yes, it is good to trust and to surrender to the Universe, but it is also imperative that we continue to use logic and rationality when faced with certain choices in our lives. For example, if we are healing from alcohol abuse, then, whilst in a state of bliss, the ego might arise and whisper: “It won’t hurt to have a drink now. I can handle it; I won’t become addicted again.” If a thought like this occurs to us, we can simply note that the thought is in reference to a pattern of addiction. A warning flag can then go up in our mind. With loving attention, we can review the past of our lives, review our intentions for the future, and make the informed choice of abstaining from the drink.


The Rainbow of Life

Too often, we think of the awakening path as devoid of using the mind. This is simply not true!

While it is true that meditative practices can liberate us from the worries and negative patterns of the mind, it is also true that the mind can be a powerful tool. The mind can serve us on our awakening path when we are its master.

Therefore, when we enter high vibrational states such as bliss and ecstasy, we cannot simply relinquish our logical minds and allow the ego to trick us into making self-sabotaging choices in order to bring our frequency back down into a state of separation.

When we are in joy or bliss we can remind ourselves that it will naturally happen, over days or weeks, that we will at some point dip down a bit, maybe into states such as alert friendliness, thankfulness, peace, quiet, serenity, trust, or tranquility—perhaps not as fun to experience as joy or bliss, but still wonderful states to experience.

And, equally so, we can use our minds to remember that if we are in low frequency states (depression, anxiety, fear), our ego will want to drag us down even further, and therefore will tempt us with lower frequency choices: such as using drugs/alcohol, using sexuality to numb or escape our emotions, oversleeping, binging on “comfort” foods, and consuming mindless media.

When we see how the ego simply wants to maintain its hold on our lives, it is easier to see through these patterns, and enter the light of a new consciousness.

When we avoid self-sabotaging behaviors through using the wonderful powers of our mind, the new “low” end of our frequency range can shift over time: from depression to sadness, from sadness to tension, from tension to relaxation, from relaxation to happiness.

This process takes time. Yet, it is entirely possible that a single lifetime can produce amazing change. In my life, for example, I have gone from suicidal depression as the lowest rung on my frequency range to states of lethargy and sadness as now being the lowest of what it is possible for me to experience during this phase of my life. Each year, it keeps getting better and better. Each day: better and better.

As we attune ourselves to viewing the world from a frequency perspective, to viewing our own bodies and minds as that of energy beings, things just start to make more sense. We can see our lives from a more nuanced point of view, and we can take positive action, rather than self-sabotaging reaction, and enjoy our lives, fully, in all their glorious colors.