The Dream

We are in a classroom. My Beloved is seated three rows over, to my left, at a small desk. We have been trying—for what seems like eons—to avoid eye contact. The game has been to pretend that each other doesn’t exist. Eventually, though, a spark enflames my heart and I must look. I have no choice. At that moment, he seems to feel the same electric jolt. He slowly turns his gaze. We lock eyes. In that moment, everything I have ever known about myself falls away. I am his; he is mine. But we are also, simultaneously, everyone and everything in the Universe. There is no separation. My brain sends the message to my mouth to say “I love you”—but before my mouth can even shape the word “I”, the entire sentence falls away. As we gaze upon each another, I know he already knows. There is no point in speaking. All is forgiven; all has been said. A radiant love extends from our eyes, our bodies. It extends out into the whole Universe, blessing all the courageous ones who dare to open their hearts. 

And so it is. Amen. 

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