Finding Peace Behind the Thoughts


“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there, buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day.” —Deepak Chopra


What does it mean to feel peace?


Peace is defined as the state of tranquility or quiet within a community, such as freedom from civil disturbance.

Peace has also been defined as freedom from oppressive thoughts or emotions.


I see the first definition as something external, something we cannot directly control. The second definition, however, is internal, that which we can control.


By working on yourself inwardly, you will inevitably produce results externally and those results can inspire others towards change. This is where it all starts. By looking inside first and then leading by example.


We can’t control our external experiences; we can’t control what other people do. But we can control our reactions to them.


We can be a leader for peace. We can lead by example.


By finding peace within ourselves, we show others the way.


If every person made it a priority to find a little bit more peace in their lives each day, the world would be a much different place. Instead of spreading fear, we would all be spreading love.


My friend and fellow yoga colleague, Erin, wrote a wonderful article about arming our future generations with the gift of peace in an effort to derail the mass shooting epidemic in schools. She thinks bringing yoga and meditation into schools will solve this problem. I think this is a brilliant idea and perhaps a way that awakening is supposed to spread.


Finding peace and serenity amongst your busy life can seem impossible, but all you have to do is be still. Find a comfortable seat and just be still. To protect the mind from wandering thoughts you can use a mantra or a hand mudra.

In meditation, you can connect with the peaceful space behind the thoughts … because you are the thinker and not the thought.

How do we know this? We know this because each of us is able to observe our own thoughts. In that way, there is a subject/object relationship.


You cannot be your thoughts because you are the one observing them.


The book, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, explains this concept very well. He teaches how you are essentially stuck in your head with a roommate—a roommate that never leaves and often gives you bad advice!


According to Singer, most of the time we are listening to this roommate inside our head, reacting to their every word. However, he reminds us that we don’t have to react to this voice.


It is so liberating and empowering to observe thoughts and just let them be. Not reacting in any way gives you more awareness.


To find the peaceful space behind the thoughts, we must practice meditation.


When we sit down to meditate, we might be confronted with our monkey mind … but fear not, because if you notice your monkey mind, you are already gaining a sense of peace.


The act of observation ceases the fluctuations of the mind and brings us that much closer to our true self. I like to use the mantra “let go” in my meditations. As I inhale, I mentally say “let” and as I exhale, I mentally say “go”.


My wish for this world is that everyone learns how to access the peace within. It is simply buried behind the thoughts.


When you find this place, please share it with others.


Let us paint the world with peace!



Michelle Ostermyer is fascinated by introspection. She chooses to explore her life through yoga and meditation practices. Her life purpose is to teach others what she learns. Check out her website at




8 thoughts on “Finding Peace Behind the Thoughts

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am working very hard at bring my mind to a state of peace, but it has been a difficult road. I am going to check out the book you mentioned, thank you!

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  2. Hi! For your ralk in July? Are you are also going to discuss Geometrical considerations, and the Physics of strong and weak forces, and electromagnetism and gravity? I keep thinking about the pop group. You can build in that song, Age of Aquarius! // Sigh… I am so sorry, sometimes Anya. And don’t think I did not know you were in the audience on Ingen’s cardio news.. Anyway, I am working on tolerance, and not being condescending about age. And, I like to think now, if we could just hug and cuddle, all would be okay. That’s what I think anyway! And Robert and Ingen are disinterested. So, I have to let you know, if I was a block, and troll, and made you think and get where you are now, single and free, then I am so proud, and of you. I can now read your interlude with Ingen in a different light now. He did help you free, and I helped. I would wish to process it sometime… Anyway! nothing to expect from you. And again, if I could do it again, I would be gentler. Ah, back to the men… sigh… well, you may or may not get some message to .. I dont even know, but I am keenly aware of an ending happening, this era of Opening Love is ending, and I want to acknowledge and honor. Love,, Rhonda

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  3. Sorry I was washing dishes and listening to a dharma talk on “wise effort” so I’m just saying, yes, so I was doing my two minute research b/c this is something people have been talking about in science for a while, but I thought, What will you your angulo, and found this step by step guide. I imagine you will be smart and talk about things with a love of words and hew toward the star dimension somewhere in between. Here it is! h


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