What’s Really Happening on Planet Earth: A Higher Perspective




Susie Beiler is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with Spectrum Health Consulting LLC. She is the founder and lead facilitator in The Creation Temple®, an online venue for supporting Lightworkers in their ascension process. Susie lives in Sedona, AZ and enjoys nature, authenticity, and high vibrational food. Please visit her at: www.susiebeiler.com and www.creationtemple.com


7 thoughts on “What’s Really Happening on Planet Earth: A Higher Perspective

  1. Thank you Susie! The message is certainly heartening.

    What you say about the need to deprogram is spot on. We all need to deprogram ourselves. Like an onion, we need to unravel layers upon layers of programming.

    I’m honestly not sure what to make of the belief that we’re heading into some kind of New Earth. It’s nice to think about, and I hope it is true and part of me wants it to be true, but part of me is doubtful that humanity as a whole will be able to get rid of the control structures in place, the centuries and layers of programming, and the victim mentality in general. Still, I don’t see the harm in envisioning a better future and entertaining hope that it could come to fruition some day, so I do hope it comes to pass. Hopefully you are right and we are headed in that direction.

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    1. Hi Jose! We are creating a new earth together if you’d like to join in! We have forgotten how much power we have, so my invitation to step into our power and OWN that we can indeed create something new and better. It’s starts with me and it starts with you dismantling the programming within ourselves. That is the foundation before we can even think about everyone else getting rid of their programming.

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