a poem by Anya Light


I remember the body-less time.

The time before arms and legs.

It was a time before wonder—

because everything was wonder.

Everything was peace.

I remember the body-less time.

Carved into bone,

this memory.

Any end of the cosmos was mine

in a wink or a blink.

…Maybe this

at least partially explains

my sorrow

at needing a car

or filling a wallet with dollars


8 thoughts on “Eternity

    1. So much of this poem is my purging the energies of fear and complaint. Ugggg. Lately I’ve been caught up feeling trapped as a “victim” here in this body, while wanting to go home. Maybe it’s time for me to really allow the Truth: that I am here, at Home, right here and now.

      Thanks for your words, Laura. I appreciate our conversations so much:) xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I absolutely know that is true. I am using this wintertime to build up the strength/courage for some big changes when the weather is warm again. Growth, change, evolution…and patience! Big hugs to Laura…

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