Reiki Practitioners: See Your Client As Already Healed


Back when I began my Reiki practice, I felt a lot of sadness when clients would come to me with their various woes. And I would, unknowingly, take on their pain as my own.

Now, when I work with clients in session, things are different. I no longer take on their pain as my own, and my intention is to view them in all of their Divine purity, strength, light, and perfection. My aim is to see them as already healed!

I see what is underneath all the seeming “problems.” I see my client’s soul.

This is compassion at the deepest level.

This is healing at the deepest level.

Of course, if my clients feel the need to voice their struggles and heartaches prior to the session—that is OK. I will listen and be present with them. Yet, once a session begins, I become a pure channel for the energy and all their stories disappear. All their woes and disease vanish. When the energy is flowing, I see only a Divine Being on the table, already whole and healthy.

One of the most important things you can do during a session is to view your client as already perfect, as already healed.

We Reiki healers  are truly masters of manifestation! And we enact this manifestation most strongly when we see others as already healed.

When working with another person (or animal, or plant, or whatever), I recommend you visualize their body as brilliantly radiating with golden light. Visualize them as happy, smiling, energized, joyful, blissful, free. Visualize their prosperity, with lots of money in the bank and money overflowing their wallets. Visualize happy relationships for them. Visualize wisdom flowing to them from the Divine. Visualize them skipping through a field or running on a beach. Visualize them laughing with joy. Gaze at their face and see an angel. See the utter beauty in their ankles and toes and every strand of hair.

Worship your client as perfect.

I see that my practice has gained tremendous strength since adopting the practice of seeing my client as perfect. I see more tangible changes in my clients and I also genuinely enjoy the process of healing sessions more.

When you see your client as perfect, you are seeing the truth: how they—and you!—truly are.



2 thoughts on “Reiki Practitioners: See Your Client As Already Healed

  1. I have only ever had one Reiki session and it was incredibly powerful! It was several weeks before I could talk about it. I want to go and have another one done but part of me is hesitant. It was that strong. I admire those who practice it.
    Thank you for following my blog.


    1. Hello dear! Thanks for reaching out. I’m so happy you got the opportunity to experience the magic of Reiki. Reiki is indeed powerful!! I feel blessed and honored to have found the path. I wish you love and light on your journey:)


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