Daily Miracles: “It will be okay”


A few days ago, I was typing on my laptop while listening to Estas Tonne, my all-time favorite guitarist. I was feeling a bit stressed, a bit down.

Suddenly, I heard Estas whisper: “It will be okay.”

I stopped typing.


What was that?

I’d listened to this particular song a million times before—and I’d never heard him say those words!

How odd!?

With butterflies in my heart, I stopped the track and rewound to twenty seconds earlier.

I listened for the words “it will be okay.”

I listened…

…and I rewound again.

They were not there.

The words were not there.

6 thoughts on “Daily Miracles: “It will be okay”

  1. Anya, that gave me goosebumps in reading. Yes, it happened. Something false or fake would not have the energy to give me goosebumps. Spirit is right here to confirm to me that it was indeed a miracle, How awesome! Love hearing that – what a special present from Spirit. Love and hugs to you!❤❤❤❤❤

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  2. I am not surprised at all! Being a writer is a miracle of my own. Born dyslexic amongst other learning disabilities, God chose me, at 60 years old, to write His messages. I was born left-handed but when I write His messages, I write with my right hand. Our Lord has quite a funny sense of humor! You have a great site!

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