Saying Hello and Goodbye to Cannabis: My Story of Healing


Here is the story of how I said hello and goodbye to cannabis. Here is my story of healing.

To begin, however, allow me to first define cannabis.

What exactly is this magical plant that people call pot, weed, or marijuana?

To put it plainly: cannabis is an essence. A kind of spirit essence.

Every kind of being on this planet has a certain unmistakable flavor. For example, cats are cats, no matter the individual differences in temperament and personality. Dogs are dogs, no matters their quirks. One cannot mistake a cat from a dog—they are fundamentally carrying a different spirit essence in their DNA.

Now, let us take this analysis a step further. If we consider humans, we would admit that it would be difficult to mistake a Chinese person from a French person. It would be difficult to mistake an African from a Russian. Each ethnic group has its own beautiful flavor, its own unique contribution to the world. Its own awesome essence.

If we consider this in terms of plant life, then, we can see that each type of plant has its own beautiful essence also. The raspberry bush brings to us sweet pink morsels. The basil plant brings soft and tangy leaves. The peace lily brings wonderful white blossoms.

Thus, each variety of plant, person, and animal has its own uniqueness. Its own characteristic beauty. Its own irreplaceable contribution to the world.

What then is the essence, the contribution of cannabis?

What the cannabis plant brings to us is the vibration of the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension is that of magic and mysticism, of unexplainable new realities.

Many human beings, at this time, operate in their daily lives in a humdrum third-dimensional vibration. What this means is that they see physical reality as very “real” and solid and that they have little power to mold it. They believe that when they die, it is the forever end. They believe they are only a separate body, a crude mass of flesh and bone. Third-dimensional consciousness is heavy and constricted: a consciousness of fear, scarcity, violence, and competition.

When one ingests cannabis, however, one is instantly drawn into a different world. One enters the fourth dimension.

In the fourth dimension, the vibration changes. Our bodies feel a bit lighter. More pliable. Time seems to lengthen and even, at times, dissolve. In the fourth dimension, our consciousness becomes more fluid, and we can even perceive ourselves as not being solely contained within the physical walls of our skin—everything, including our own body, becomes less solid, and we begin to perceive our infinite power as Creators to shift and change the “outside” reality.

In the fourth dimension, we enter into a kind of curious waking dream, where our inward hopes, fears, joys, and emotions become intensified. Under the influence of cannabis, the outer more obviously reflects the inner. The subconscious becomes conscious. For example, let’s say we have a fear of water that we—with our conscious, rational brain—try to repress during our normal waking life. Under the influence of cannabis however, the truth of the subconscious emerges. Our friend asks us to step onto a boat, and we suddenly find ourselves panicking, unable to board the boat. We may even have a flash of a memory from a past life in which we drowned. With the help of the cannabis plant, we may find hidden soul secrets rising to the surface.

For many years, I was healing from a variety of debilitating chronic illnesses. I was bedridden much of the time. I was depressed. I was not really living.

What initially drew me to cannabis was that it was a great way to numb the physical pain and it often gave me a boost of energy, helping me get out of bed and perform daily tasks. However, over time, using cannabis became a profoundly spiritual experience for me. It became sacred ritual. Mystical adventure. It opened up my psychic channels.

Over time, I found that it was possible to bond with the spirit of the plant herself—to interact with her as a distinct personality. In our adventures, I learned her name was Janine (she seems to go by different names, depending on who you talk to!), and I learned to hear the world through her beautiful unique ears and to see the world through her beautiful unique eyes.

Janine was my buddy. She helped me laugh when every bone in my body hurt. When I was stuck in bed, Janine helped my astral body travel to other dimensions, planets, stars, and universes. Janine helped me perceive (for the first time in my life!) the beauty of a single rose.

Most of all, Janine helped me understand the circumstances of my illness from a broader perspective. She helped me see the greater plan that was to be for my life, as a healer and wayshower of others. She brought me courage and peace.

Over a few years, my dear friend Janine helped me expand my consciousness out of the third dimension and into the fourth. Over time, I could feel Janine’s presence—the presence of the fourth dimension—even without ingesting the plant.

I was changing. I was growing.

And then…a fateful moment came, when I could deny the truth no longer.

Janine was actually starting to bring me down. Ingesting her was now making me feel sad, sleepy, heavy, and rather morose. Why? Because now I was generally residing at a higher level of vibration than her.

So…there was only one thing to do.

It was time to say goodbye to my dear, dear friend.

I created a farewell ritual and said my thanks. I shed a few tears. I knew that I would be able to always tune into her presence if I wanted to… and yet, it was still sad. Like the death of a loved one.

I no longer needed my guide.

Make no mistake: if you are currently using cannabis in order to raise your vibration…and if it is your intention to continue awakening, continue growing, then this particular chapter in your life must eventually come to an end. You will see that it is time to let go of your pal cannabis.

You will see it is necessary to let go of the training wheels so you can really ride the bike of life.

Janine, my dear sweet friend, was a wonderful doorway into the fourth dimension. She was a wonderful pathway for healing. But, ultimately, I wasn’t content to just stay there. I wanted something deeper, just as psychonaut-turned-spiritual-teacher Ram Dass discovered many years ago. I wanted meditation. Full mental clarity. Full energy and health. I wanted the bliss and intoxication of God-love that resides in the fifth dimension. I wanted so much more.

Ultimately, I am so happy that acceptance of cannabis and other sacred plant medicines is becoming more and more widespread. This is very good for our planet. Mass waves of human beings are breaking out of the box of third-dimensional consciousness. Maybe they begin the journey by simply wanting to have fun or wanting to numb the pain. That’s okay. Whatever prompts the journey is wonderful—because the journey always ends in the same place.

Evolution. Awakening.


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