Tarot for the Soul ~ week of August 28-September 3, 2017

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Welcome to your weekly Tarot for the Soul reading!

If you have been guided to this reading, then you are in the right place, my friend. This reading is meant for you.

As always, I have drawn two cards from my Osho Zen Tarot deck.

The first card represents the gifts that will be showered upon you this week by the Universe. We always have gifts being delivered to us—and spiritual mastery lies in slowing down enough to be able to cultivate gratitude. Our soul longs to say “thank you”… and, so, by taking this moment to give thanks, we generate even more positive energy so that more and more gifts may manifest in the future!

The second card represents your areas for growth this week. Remember: there is no life without challenge…no light without dark, no yin without yang. Life in human form is a mixed bag of circumstances and lessons. It is in our highest wisdom to recognize and embrace all aspects, even the ones that are painful. Our soul needs challenges in order to grow. So, stand and face these growth opportunities with an open, courageous, loving heart.





photo_clouds AceThe Consciousness Card (Ace of Clouds) is an amazing card. It is the Universe tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Hello, beautiful! Great job—you’ve come a long way!”

This card is all about taking stock, taking time to reflect on how much we’ve grown through past challenges.

Indeed, this card is a moment of joyful pause. A moment of triumph and parade.

We stand in a place of awe, gazing back at our own evolution.

You are a conscious, awake, and aware being, shining your light for others. Helping the planet to awaken.

Recommendation: Take a bit of space for yourself this week to cultivate gratitude for how far you’ve come on your journey. Look back at some photographs of yourself from one year ago, five years ago, and then ten years ago. Pull out your journal and freewrite some responses to the following prompts. What has happened in one year? What have you learned? If you were to have a conversation with yourself of five years ago, what would you tell you? What secrets would you share? How would your self of ten years ago react to seeing who you are today?



You want to know how can you become even more amazing, even more conscious than you are today? The answer is:

Let go of the Guilt (8 of Clouds).photo_clouds 8

Guilt is like a poison. It rots our internal organs. It destroys our peace and it brings our vibration down.

What are you guilty about? What aspect of your life do you judge as “wrong” or “bad”? Are there people or environments in your life who trigger feelings of guilt?

Being triggered into guilt (or any other lower vibration) is always always a choice. There is always a moment where we can breathe and choose to feel our Holy, Divine Presence. There is always a moment where we can choose to tap into the Infinite Source of our Being. It’s a choice. It’s a space that’s always there.

This card has been drawn because there is guilt lingering in your energetic field. This guilt is old: it’s from the past. Let it go.

Instead of guilt, how about gratitude?

Gratitude comes from the Latin gratus, meaning “pleasing.” Even if what happens in your daily life doesn’t always please you, even if it’s not what you prayed to the Universe to manifest…can you still feel the deeper truth that what is, ultimately, most pleasing is exactly what is happening?

Your highest growth depends upon a surrender to exactly what this moment is.

Let go of the guilt.

Move into yes. Be in accord with whatever is happening. Be the river that flows.

If we can do that, if we can surrender to the river of life, then a deep gratitude fills our hearts, and there can be absolutely no room for guilt.


Dear ones,

Thank you so much for joining me on these weekly Tarot adventures!

If you’ve found these readings beneficial in your life, I humbly ask you to support my work. As you know, I have devoted my life to the uplift of humanity. As such, I have chosen not to work a typical 9-5 job, so that my entire creative energies are able to pour into the gifts that I so deeply want to share with you.

Each day, I gratefully receive the support of generous friends like you, and, in turn, send those blessings back out into the world. It’s a never-ending cycle of love and abundance.

Can you feel it?

Would you be willing to share the cost of a cup of coffee ($2) with me today?




Thanks so much for heeding the call, and sharing your abundance with me, as we work toward the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

Blessings and so much love,

Anya Light ♥


Anya and friends, at a recent Celebrating the Divine Feminine empowerment gathering in Gibsonburg, Ohio


2 thoughts on “Tarot for the Soul ~ week of August 28-September 3, 2017

  1. That picture is PURE LOVE!! So blessed to have been part of that group on Saturday and KNOW that life and love is blessed and a blessing!


    1. I love how you wrote the word “KNOW”, Stephanie! There is truly a difference between mentally grasping the concept of life as a blessing versus the pure embodied KNOWING of that knowledge within our being, within our very bones! Yes, yes yes! Our gathering on Saturday was a confirmation, a re-remembrance in our bodies of all that is true in this Universe. Thank you for being there. xo


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