Tarot for the Soul ~ week of July 10, 2017

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Welcome to your weekly Tarot for the Soul reading!

If you have been guided to this reading, then you are in the right place, my friend. This reading is meant for you.

As always, I have drawn two cards from my Osho Zen Tarot deck, offering you guidance for your week ahead.

The first card represents the gifts that will be showered upon you this week by the Universe. We always have gifts being delivered to us—and spiritual mastery lies in slowing down enough to be able to recognize them and cultivate gratitude. Our soul longs to say “thank you”… and, so, by taking this moment to give thanks, we generate even more positive energy so that more and more gifts may manifest in the future!

The second card represents your areas for growth this week. Remember: there is no life without challenge…no light without dark, no yin without yang. Life in human form is a mixed bag of circumstances and lessons. It is in our highest wisdom to recognize and embrace all aspects, even the ones that are painful. Our soul needs challenges in order to grow. So, stand and face these growth opportunities with an open, courageous, loving heart.


WEEK OF JULY 10, 2017



This week you are in tune with your intuition and soft, flowing, feminine nature, as indicated by the Receptivity Card (Queen of Water).WP_20170630_002

As situations, events, thoughts, and people come into your sphere this week, you will be more able to receive them non-judgmentally, allowing all, letting all to be as they are (without needing them to change). You will be in a spirit of compassion and divine receptivity. You will be able to tap into a part of yourself that is deeply trusting. In this open heartspace, you will be filled with an exquisite tenderness from the Universe; you will easily be able to let that energy flow from you, to nourish and heal others around you.

This week is about getting in touch with your feminine side—and not feminine in terms of gender or what culture tends to mean by that word…rather, feminine energy. This week is about getting in touch with the part of you that nurtures, that mothers, that allows, the part of you that feels and knows beyond logic.



This week you are being nudged by the Universe to enter a new phase of maturity, as indicated by the card of The Rebel (4 of Major Arcana).WP_20170630_003

At first glance, this card might appear to be wholly positive and congratulatory (and, yes, in many readings, this card can mean just that); however, for this particular week, this card indicates something challenging. It is indicating a need for growth. It is asking you to look deep inside, and ponder the question: “Who/what am I fighting against? And why am I fighting?”

As any parent knows, the teenage years are often the most challenging. When teenagers start to get a real whiff of the dysfunction of society, they rebel. They listen to music their parents hate, they get piercings and tattoos, they drink and do drugs, and they engage in all sorts of rebellious, risky behavior. This is their way of breaking the chains of society. They are finding themselves. They are differentiating themselves from their parents and finding their own space and voice.

We often carry this spirit of teenage rebellion into our adult lives. For example, in my own experience, it was very important for me, for a period of time, to be an outspoken polyamory activist. I constantly wrote about it and talked about it, in the effort to raise awareness about the multiple ways we humans can be in romantic relationship beyond just the culturally-condoned avenue of monogamy. However—there came a certain point when I realized that the way that I was going about it all was incongruent with my spiritual path. Although, in some ways, I was doing good work, I was also angry. I was fighting and shouting with the world.

Eventually, I had to let the rebel in me dissolve. It was time for a higher level of maturity. I made the shift to simply being polyamorous, but without all the fanfare, without the need to storm into a room and announce my point. I realized that what I needed to do, at a deeper level, was to embody love in all situations. And not just in romantic/sexual love, but unconditional love (agape love) in every single interaction with every single human being I encounter. This my deeper path. This is my dharma.

So, friend, what is your deeper path? In what ways have you been the angry rebel, fighting against people and society? Can you allow that reactivity in you to dissolve, rising instead to a new, higher version of yourself? Can you mature? Can you evolve? What is the deeper lesson that you’ve been trying to understand, underneath the rebellion? How can you continue the amazing work you do in the world—but in a less aggressive way?

This week asks you to consider these significant questions…. a process that has the potential to shift the entire course of your life.

A big week indeed.


Thanks so much for tuning in, friends. I have enjoyed being with you this week and all weeks. Sending so much love to you.

If you’d like to schedule a more in-depth private reading with me, I’m available via phone and Skype.

May you be healthy.

May you be joyful.

May you be blessed.



Anya Light ♥


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