Daily Miracles: The Free Massage


A few days ago, I was super stressed out. My neck felt like it was made of fire and my legs like they were made of stone. I felt tired, anxious, and short of breath.

Although my intention has been to save—and not spend—money this month on anything “extra,” I knew that what I most needed was a massage. I knew it would be the best plan for self-care, the best way to heal.

So, I texted my favorite massage therapist. I waited all morning and afternoon, but he did not reply. I felt sad, as I watched the hours tick by, with no response.

By evening, however, I received a text from one of my dearest friends, who is currently a student in massage school. He wrote: “Intuition told me to ask you: Can I give you a massage?”

And so, that night, my darling friend came over to my home, and I received a very blissful two-hour massage experience for absolutely free. And, on top of that, we had time for a wonderful conversation, wherein I was able to express some of my feelings and release some much-needed tears. The evening was much better than anything I could have ever paid money for. It was perfect. Exactly what I needed.


The Universe loves us.

The Universe provides for us.

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