Tarot for the Soul ~ week of June 26, 2017

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Welcome to your weekly Tarot for the Soul reading!

If you have been guided to this reading, then you are in the right place, my friend. This reading is meant for you.

As always, I have drawn two cards from my Osho Zen Tarot deck, offering you guidance for your week ahead.

The first card represents the gifts that will be showered upon you this week by the Universe/Spirit/God (whatever you want to call your higher power). We always have gifts being delivered to us—spiritual mastery lies in slowing down enough to be able to recognize them and cultivate gratitude. Our soul longs to say “thank you,” and, so, by taking a moment to give thanks, we generate more positive energy so that more and more gifts may manifest in the future!

The second card represents your areas for growth this week. Remember: there is no life without challenge…no light without dark, no yin without yang. Life in human form is a mixed bag of circumstances and lessons. It is in our highest wisdom to recognize and embrace all aspects, even the ones that are painful. Our soul needs challenges in order to grow and learn. So, stand and face these growth opportunities with an open, courageous, loving heart.


WEEK OF JUNE 26, 2017



Dear friends, this week please keep in mind the Moment to Moment card (2 of rainbows).WP_20170618_005

This card presents the gift of questions. As you navigate the waters of life, can you keep your balance? Can you keep your eyes gently gazing at a fixed, still point ahead of you, rather than getting distracted by all the commotion of all the many things, people, energies, and situations swirling around you? Can you be present in a moment of peace?

This card is about finding tranquility and balance within even the most chaotic of situations. Even if you live in the city and you are bombarded by noise, traffic, and pollution—can you find peace, regardless? Even if you live in a house with those who stress you out or annoy you—can you find peace within your own soul?

And, then, ask yourself these deeper questions: What is the most important aspect of my life? What kind of personal qualities, ethics, and characteristics am I aiming to cultivate? What are the typical blocks and chronic upsets on my path of evolution?

Be centered, be balanced, be calm this week. Keep your whole being gently focused on the present moment, and don’t let yourself fall off course by getting distracted by all the comings and goings around you.

Be patient, be graceful, and cultivate simple yet strong confidence in your path.


You are being encouraged by this Universe this week to share more abundantly than ever before, as indicated by the Sharing card (queen of fire).WP_20170618_004

This card doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to share money or finances, although, for some people, it may mean that. Use your intuition about specifics. Tarot cards speak to each person individually, gently allowing the whispers of the heart to unfurl.

What is your way to share, this week?

With what have you been blessed so that you may share with others? With what are you rich, so that you may pass on the wealth to your fellow human beings?

This card is a reminder that we all have our beautiful stock of energies, feelings, materials, time, and resources to share. We all have this. Even the homeless man on the street has gifts to share—if you take the time to stop and chat with him, you will find out.

No one is excluded from the river of life, and the river of life spreads the water of love throughout this great world.

As you share this week, notice what happens to your heart. Notice how it moves, shifts, and, ultimately, expands. Notice how the giving is the same as the receiving; notice how they are one and the same.



Dear friends,

If you have any questions or would like further clarification about your week, please leave me a comment.

If you’d like a schedule a private reading with me, I’m all yours! Let’s do it!

Sending All My Love,

Anya Light ♥


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