Letting Go of Fortune-Telling: Tarot as a Healing Art


Traditionally, Tarot has been viewed as fortune-telling. A way of predicting the future. This is how Tarot has been understood for hundreds of years, and this is how a majority of people still view Tarot today.

In the mainstream understanding, Tarot readers are often seen as “special” or “gifted” or as having “supernatural” abilities. They are often seen as somehow set apart from the rest of “normal” society.

However, as humanity moves into fifth-dimensional consciousness, we begin to realize that that which was once viewed as “supernatural” is, actually, simply a natural part of the human domain. We begin to view our old tools in new ways.

At this time in human history, Tarot readers across the world are evolving their approach to their craft. These revolutionary Tarot readers are dropping the emphasis on Tarot as a method of fortune-telling and viewing it for what it really is, at its deepest core.

Tarot is a healing art.

More and more readers understand that the sound of the human voice is incredibly powerful.

By setting an intention for the vibration of the voice to act as a conduit of love and light, the actual content and meaning of the words spoken during a Tarot reading are actually secondary to the pure healing vibration of the tones.

Tarot readings (and all sorts of intuitive readings) can, of course, offer guidance on future actions and decisions. However, at the core, when a client comes, what they are seeking in the deepest part of their heart is not an “answer,” but rather a feeling of relief. They want to feel trust and peace. They want to feel happy. They want to feel faith. They want a feeling of wholeness and connection to the Universe.

A Tarot reader has a radically powerful role, as, through the loving tone of their voice and by doing their own daily inner work to raise their own vibration, they can offer a deep healing for their clients.

In essence, the Tarot reader’s job is not to discern the “true” meaning of the cards or to give an “accurate” reading, but rather to relax as much as possible in the presence of the client. By relaxing, they allow their vocal cords to become a clear channel of higher vibrations of love energy. When the client feels this vibration (usually on a subconscious level), they instantly relax—and in their relaxation, they release the stagnant and chaotic energies of fear, confusion, anger, and negativity that brought them to the reading in the first place.

A Tarot reader’s ultimate purpose is not to hook the client into becoming a regular customer or to subtly manipulate them into relying on them in the future, but, actually, to assist them in tapping into their own intuitive abilities. Thus, Tarot readers become teachers and healers.

The best readers will subtly teach the client that they actually do not need them. They do this through incorporating mini-lessons, tips, and strategies into the reading sessions about how to tune into their own inner voice. They help the client become their own reader. They may even go so far as to spend some time during each reading explaining how the cards work, so clients can feel confident in using a deck on their own (I do this.) Ultimately, these enlightened readers trust that the best way to be in business is to effectively “put themselves out of business” with each and every single client. Indeed, at this time of great awakening on our planet, there is no shortage of work!

It is good when a client becomes a former client, because that means they have awakened to their own intuition. And this will have a ripple effect, as they share their light with others. The circle spreads. The awakening grows.

One of my favorite intuitives, Gigi Young, often talks about how a prediction is simply an invitation. A prediction is not a set-in-stone declaration of what will be—rather, a prediction is simply an invitation that the client can reflect upon, using their own intuition, and decide whether or not they want to accept that invitation.

For example, a Tarot reader says that you will quit your job and move across the country. As the reader is speaking the words, you can tune in to your own body. Do these words bring a feeling of excitement or peace, or do they bring a sense of confusion or fear? Do these words bring a feeling of relief, or a feeling of agitation? Your own body and emotions are key to discerning whether you’d like to say Yes to the reader’s invitation or to say No Thanks. The power is solely and totally yours.

Indeed, the power is ours. Done are the days of fortune-telling, where humanity believed each person’s future is written in stone and that psychics and priests are some “special” few who can save us.

Here are the days, instead, of personal empowerment. Here are the days of creative manifestation: where we make our own futures, from the deep recognition that we are all Divinity.

We are all psychic because we are all Source energy. 

Ultimately, the most enlightened readers today take seriously their mission of spreading the gospel of personal empowerment and awakened seeing. They want to convey their guidance to their clients in the smallest number of sessions, because they genuinely want their clients to receive the healing that they need as fast as it is possible within the client’s highest good.

Most of all, readers who view their craft as a healing art understand that they are part of a collaboration. They have stepped outside the corporate mentality of scarcity and competition, and work hand-in-hand with other healers and teachers, knowing that the more they can support others in their community to do their work, the better off all of us will be. The transition of this planet into fifth-dimensional consciousness will not come about from a repetition of the third-dimensional, fear-based, scarcity mindsets. No. The new way is that of collaboration, that of trust, love, abundance, and unconditional love.

As Tarot readers and healers, lightworkers, wayshowers, and spiritual guides of all kinds step forward into a new future, it is my wish that we may release the karmic bonds of “fortune-telling” and step boldly into a new future.

Let’s let go of fortune-telling. Let’s heal ourselves—together.

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