Learning to Live Again in Tantra


In Tantra, we learn to breathe again. 

Where attention goes, energy flows. Through the breath, Tantric practitioners become more and more aware of subtle energy currents in the body.

In Tantra, we learn to see again.

We have energetic ports throughout the body, and the eyes are two.

We learn to soften our gaze towards the world and ourselves. We practice sending nonverbal empathetic acceptance to strangers with our eyes. We learn to peer out of our subjective experience to “see” the love all around us. Whether the store clerk, the repair person, or our most treasured friend, we learn to see the aura of love surrounding them.

In Tantra, we learn to touch and feel again. 

Ever-striving for immersion in the moment, Tantric touch is potent. Most of us do not invest our full attention in things. We have bills and schedules and stresses; these distractions interrupt a full experience. When we can gain some experience marshaling our attention, and perfecting a posture or movement, Tantra then opens up the world of physical sensation to ever-increasing heights. We slow down our monkey-mind. We slow down the speed of our touch. We tune in deeply to our touch partner and go totally into the moment.

In Tantra, we find our body again. The world sends so many messages prodding us to numb out, to bisect the relationship between mind and body. To use our mind “over” our body and make it conform to an ideal. As a woman who has struggled with weight and bodily self-esteem, Tantra has allowed me to fully inhabit my body. Rather than using food to manage feelings, I make a regular practice to simply experience my body. To be fully in it.

Once in my body, I experience the air around me, the scents, the temperature, the brightness or dimness. Very simple acknowledgments of the environment have a grounding, calming effect. Over years of this, I have encountered types of pleasurable movement which organically fit my life. I honor my body when my stamina dips, and I am ever-more selective about food. In my practice, I’ve found old emotional patterns held in my body, and the techniques I’ve learned in Tantra and energy work help me to release them and to keep moving forward.

In Tantra, we learn to pray and worship again.

By bringing curated attention to our juicy body, we build our relationship with Source.  While walking my path, I have studied the world’s religions and found myself unmoved. Inspired, yes, possibly even brushed by Divinity’s touch, but never did I FEEL my connection with Divinity as palpably as I have since practicing Tantra.

Further, in order to walk a Tantric path with intent, one must contend with their shadow. Once allured by sensuous energetic sex, we are confronted with our shortcomings and traumatic histories. We seek to fully integrate our prayers into our bones, and we consciously work to neutralize toxic patterns in our personal and community life. Tantric exploration can mean nothing short of spiritual revolution—and that’s an undertaking!

In Tantra, we learn to love again.

We learn to love ourselves, over and over, just as we are, in the present moment. This means we must practice self-acceptance and self-love, often in the face of our shadows or shortcomings.

The smooth, aware breath coupled with a practiced, meditative mind allows our darkness and pain to arise, meet compassion, and be embraced with love. The capacity that Tantra has to bring light to our dark places is exactly why the practice should be approached with awareness and willingness to be with darkness or trauma. Through facing these wounds, one can find freedom and liberation.

In Tantra, we learn to live again. The totality of these subtle but profound changes is something like a personal renaissance.

From our root to our feet to our eyes, Tantra weaves us together anew. It empowers us to really see, really feel, and really live with awareness.

In Tantra, we learn to live.




Magdalena Knight is an IT/Telecom Rock Star turned Poly-Tantric Sex Healer, Educator, and Sexual Freedom Activist and Writer. Visit her online at deardakini.net

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