Tarot for the Soul ~ week of May 8, 2017


Welcome to your weekly Tarot for the Soul reading!

If you have been guided to this reading, then you are in the right place. This reading is meant for you, dear one.

As always, I have drawn two cards from my Osho Zen Tarot deck, offering you guidance for your week ahead.

The first card represents the gifts that will be showered upon you this week by the Universe/Spirit/God (whatever you want to call your higher power). We always have gifts being delivered to us—spiritual mastery lies in slowing down enough to be able to recognize them and cultivate gratitude. Our soul longs to say “thank you,” and, so, by taking a moment to give thanks, we generate more positive energy so that more and more gifts may manifest in the future!

The second card represents your areas for growth this week. Remember: there is no life without challenge…no light without dark, no yin without yang. Life in human form is a mixed bag of circumstances and lessons. It is in our highest wisdom to recognize and embrace all aspects, even the ones that are painful. Our soul needs challenges in order to grow and learn. So, stand and face these growth opportunities with an open, courageous, loving heart.


WEEK OF MAY 8, 2017


May 8 spread



This week I have been guided to the Conditioning card (XV Major Arcana).WP_20170429_003

This week you will be able to see more clearly all the ways you have been conditioned by society to believe you are worthless, small, helpless, needy, fragile. You will be shown, through synchronistic events and through the voice of your own intuition, lessons about your own power, and how that power directly contradicts with the false voice of society.

In the picture on this card, you see a lion who has lost his way. He believes he is a sheep. He lives among the sheep, and he even has one tied to his paws, which he carries upon his back. His load is heavy. See the look of sadness upon his face.

As this week unfolds, your higher power wants you to see how there is an ever-widening contrast between how you used to regularly feel and how you tend to feel now. You used to be the sad lion…but now you are, in general, happier. You have a sense of joy that you did not have before; a sense of deep peace and acceptance. This is because you are following your inner guidance. You know, more and more, who you truly are. You are able to experience your own truths rather than listen to the dictates of a sick society.

As you wake up to the false truths you’ve been taught, as you wake up out of the false conditioning, you move away from the sheep and realize the lion within.

Welcome this week with open arms, as you thank your Creator/Spirit/Angels (your higher power) for the blessings of clearer vision and a more open, receptive heart. Take some time this week to congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come. It’s truly remarkable!



This week is the week of Integration (XIV Major Arcana). WP_20170429_001

Before I discuss this particular card’s meaning, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that, this week, I’ve drawn two cards from the Major Arcana. Thus, it is certain that this week will be particularly loaded with opportunities for spiritual growth. This growth may feel quite intense at times, but do not fear, do not worry. Simply notice the worried thoughts that tend to enter your mind, and, once you notice them, simply let them go. Release them like a balloon into the wind. Clear the negative self-talk out of your mind, clear the doubts, the hesitations, the critical thoughts, and, simply, return to the present moment of now.

This week is all about the realization that life is more magical than you ever believed to be so. Ancient wisdom will be coming through to you from unexpected sources. A teacher will pop up for you in the least likely of places. Be open to this teacher. If this teacher speaks of things you do not quite fully understand, do not allow the mind to trick you into distancing or closing yourself off from this teacher, but rather breathe and notice how your body feels relaxed and peaceful around this person’s teachings. This relaxation is the true sign that you are meant to learn from this teaching.

This week’s growth is about the balancing of seeming opposites. Of an inner alchemy. On the card you notice there is both the eagle (known for its fire and fierceness) and there is also the swan (known for its watery peacefulness). Both of these are beautiful, are they not? Yes. Both are beautiful for their own unique aspects they bring to the world. One is not more beautiful than the other; one is not more “special” than the other.

Who is the swan inside of you and who is the eagle? Can you sense both parts? Do you favor one part and tend to stifle or discount the other?

So, this week, your challenge will be to absorb these deep teachings of integration, of inner alchemy. No need to rush out and share them with others quite yet. Just sit with them yourself. Be quiet, be still, and know in your bones that as you allow yourself to integrate the seeming opposites (seeming duality) within yourself and learn to find All as beautiful, All as right, then what you will do is, naturally, begin to unravel the conditioning of the human-made world within yourself. You will heal. You will create the inner alchemy within yourself, to prepare you for the next stage of your journey.

And so it is.


Dear ones, these are your gifts and your areas for growth this week. If you liked this reading or found it helpful, please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

May you be blessed. May you be abundant. May you shine your radiant light.

And so it is.


Sending All My Love,

Anya Light


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