Tarot for the Soul ~ week of April 17, 2017

Welcome to Tarot for the Soul! Every Monday on the AWAKENING WITH blog, I will offer you a reading from my Osho Zen Tarot deck.

If you have been guided to this reading, then you are absolutely in the right place. This reading is meant for you, dear one.

Each week, I will draw two cards, offering you guidance for your week ahead.

The first card represents the gifts that are currently being showered upon you by the Universe/Spirit/God (whatever you want to call your higher power). We always have gifts being delivered to us: spiritual mastery lies in slowing down enough to be able to recognize them and cultivate gratitude. Our soul longs to say “thank you” for these gifts, and, by taking a moment to thank, we generate more positive energy so that more and more gifts may manifest in the future!

The second card represents your area(s) for growth this week. Remember: there is no life without challenge…no light without dark, no yin without yang. Life in human form is a mixed bag of circumstances and lessons—and it is our highest wisdom which recognizes and embraces all. Our soul needs challenges in order to grow. So, stand and face these growth opportunities with an open heart.

~ Your Reading ~
Week of April 17, 2017





This week, I have drawn The Creator card (king of fire).

You have much to be grateful for this week, friend. You will be guided to tap into your creativity in a way that not only serves you, but greatly enriches and uplifts those you come into contact with in your daily life. Your family will especially feel the effects of your heightened creative awareness.

You will be feeling an impulse to give birth to new projects or to fine-tune existing creative projects. You will feel inside of you a glowing light, a fire, an endless reservoir of possibility.

Look inside and notice that you are more confident than ever before.

As you awaken to your true beautiful nature, you have the ability this week to sit calmly, confidently, and know without a doubt that you are both the source and the conduit of all good things in your life. Life is a dance: you are both the creation and the creator, flowing ceaselessly, beautifully, into one another. You are everything and all.



This week, you have the opportunity to learn a major life lesson, as symbolized by the Courage card (VIII in Major Arcana).

Take a moment to look within. Feel how there is someone with whom you need to have an important conversation. You need to intentionally bring in more honesty, openness and vulnerability to the relationship. This will take courage.

Can you find within yourself the courage to speak? And when you speak, can you speak from a place of love, from an open heart-space? Can you refrain from blame or judgment, but simply speak in a way that offers compassion, love, and the possibility for deeper spiritual connection?

Lastly, can you find the courage within yourself to view every challenging social situation, every tough interaction, as the hard rock from which a flower can sprout in spring?



Dear ones, these are your gifts and your areas for growth this week. If you liked this reading or found it helpful, please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

May you be blessed. May you be abundant. May you shine your radiant light.

And so it is.


Sending Love,

Anya Light



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